Washing Machine Care and Maintenance Tips

Most Washing Machines are built to typically provide years of hassle free service to the homeowners provided basic maintenance and care is performed. Let us discuss a few tips on maintaining your washing machine to make certain hassle free experiences.

Frequently inspect the water hoses: Search for any bends and splits on the water hoses. They are able to trigger leakage and costly floor repair. You should definitely change exhausted tubes instantly and it is suggested to change the water hoses once every Five years by the manufacturers.

No Overloading: Ensure not to overburden the washing machine beyond its capability. This could cause undue stress on the motor and may even cause extremely expensive destruction.

Keep the machine in Level: It is vital to have the machine 100% level. An off- level machine may rock, vibrate and walk across the floor causing damage to the machine and the flooring.

Keep adequate gap from the Wall: Have a space of at least 4 inches from the wall to avoid folding and stress on the hoses.

Use premium quality Washing Machine cleaners: Only use high quality detergents. Cheap quality detergents have a tendency to leave a residue on the drum walls and lead to abnormal wear and tear on the gear.

Clean the lint Filter frequently: Lint filter ought to be on a regular basis cleaned to make the machine run correctly.

Regular Cleaning: Clean the inside of the machine drum one or more times a month and wipe the rubber lining on the door and the outside of the machine with moist cloth one or more times a week.

Leave Ajar: Keep the machine door ajar between washing cycles to allow the moisture from inside the machine escape.

Eliminate washed clothes immediately: It is best not to leave damp clothes in the machine. This gives ideal ground for mould to create. If you’re heading out after operating the machine and never returning soon, it’s better to use a timer function to delay the wash cycle to line-up with your schedule when you can take away the washer clothes instantly.

The above tips will ensure trouble free performance for many years.

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