Do You Have A Wind Generator At Home?

With rising energy costs, and falling wages, what’s the average person supposed to do?  Wind energy could be an answer.  Here’s some wind turbines for sale, and a little more info to consider before buying one.  It’s clean, it’s cheap, and is simple enough to be installed by just about anyone.  Some people even go so far as th build their own wind turbines.  That can be a lot cheaper the the $1000 or more you going to spend on a wind generator, batteries, control  unit, tower, and installation costs.  Actually it can be a lot cheaper to build your own, and that’s what a lot of DIY type fols are doing.  If you have the room, it usually better to buy a few smaller units, than one big one.  It can work out to a big cheaper, since the price of a tower to hold a support a big unit can be prohibitively expenseive.  Plus, having more than one unit on your property provides backup, in case one unit goes down, due to some seagull flying into the thing.  The other thing to consider, if your looking at wind power, is solar power.  The down side of wind generators, is that they tend not to work on sunny days with no wind.  However, the good thing about solar power is, that it tends to work really well on sunny days regardless of the wind.  And vice versa.  Basically, wind and solar power compliment each other.  Kind of like having a day shift, and a night shift working at your utility plant.  When one sleeps the other works, and when one works, the other sleeps.