Need Some Good Vintage Gibsons?

I was amazed, to learn what it costs to get yourself a decent guitar these days, till I took a look at what the vintage models cost.  There’s quite a large group of collectors and players alike, that don’t seem to mind spending thousands of dollars for rare and hard to find Gibsons.   While I have a daughter, whose taken it upon herself these days to learn to play guitar, it should be interesting to see how she does at it.  I had a guitar when I was younger, but never really learned to play.  I was thinking lately it would be fun, so maybe I’ll give it a try with her guitar when she’s not looking.  It would be better spent time, than simply playing more Rock Band on the WII.  Not that I would start with a vintage guitar, even though the one I owned was about the same age, it’s long since made it to the garbage dump.  She’s borrowing a guitar from her cousin for the time being.  Apparently another one that was going to take lessons, but never quite got around to finishing them.