Looking for a Different Sort of Vacation?

There really comes a time when people want to temporarily get away from all of their responsibilities. Whether it is a much-needed break or simply a getting away thing, vacations could still make a lot of people smile. But with the rise in the prices of commodities and services, vacation could mean another thing—expenses. The fear of contributing to the current global condition of climate change can make potential vacationers forget the idea of a getting away trip. If you are in the same dilemma, better take a look at the following suggestions before you scratch out vacation in your list:

Trips for a cause

Philanthropic tourism is one of the common alternatives that vacationers consider. Non-profit organizations generally offer this kind of activities. Aside from the fact that you will get to visit different places for free, philanthropic vacations will also allow you to meet people and possibly, help them. This kind of vacations could also be an avenue for cultural immersions. You can contact organizations such as the Intrepid Travel Foundation and Vocation for this kind of activities.


Eco-tour packages are usually available in travel agencies. This kind of vacation tours are usually offered in partnerships with environmental organizations. The fees that you will pay go as proceeds to the environmental programs for the areas you will visit. The funds are used to sustain and preserve natural communities. You can visit the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development for more information about eco tourism.


Agritourism is one of the current trends for vacationers. Vacationers are allowed to stay in a farm and have a taste of the country life for a few days. There are also packages that would allow people to work in the farm. Vacationers can get their hands full in planting crops or taking care of farm animals. The proceeds that the program will gather are used to sustain the agricultural products of the region.

Slow travel

As its name suggests, slow travel would definitely take a lot of the vacationer’s time. However, this kind of vacation would ensure that the vacationer will not contribute to the depletion of our environment. Trekking and hiking are the two most common options foe slow travel. Vacationers can also go biking to speed up their travelling time. The raveling options for this kind of vacation will permit vacationers to absorb the scenic spots of the areas they will visit.