Can Used Nintendo Wii Games Save The Planet?

If there ever was a company, that seemed to have the pulse of the people, it was the good folks at Nintendo.  I sometimes thing the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was their corporate theme song, when they were designing and building the Wii.  Except they changed the lyrics slightly to be “People Just Wanna Have Fun”.  They clearly understood what Cydi Lauper understood back in the 80s.  People do, just wanna have fun.  Doing whatever.  Playing games is supposed to be all about fun, and for a while the big corporate game developers forgot all about that.   Just ask Sony.  While, they were trying to appease the techy engineers with all the latest and greatest graphics and frame rate performance specs with the PS3, Nintendo was giving the people what they wanted with an incredibly fun gaming experience.  And making tons of money to boot.

So, you may wonder what all this has to do with used Wii games saving the planet?  Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but just bear with me for a minute.  Well, obviously, used Wii games on their own, can’t save the planet, but perhaps they can contribute to the cause.  We all know what the biggest issue is, when it comes to our planet being at peril.  And no, it’s not oil, and no it’s not global warming, and no, it’s not the energy consumption of Al Gores home.  What it is, is basic human over-consumption.  Human beings as a rule tend to be very wasteful creatures.  As long as there is plenty of whatever we to go around, we don’t mind using it up like there was no tomorrow.  The biggest problem we have, is that as a population we don’t reduce our consumption, we don’t reuse enough raw material, and we don’t recycle as much as we should.

The demographic of our population that bought Wii’s, is a younger more family oriented crowd.  Not totally set in their ways yet.   And even those few that are starting to, have younger children who aren’t, and who give the older folks a reason to treat the planet more gently.  Not to mention, those same children are learning in school about conservation of the planet, and they’re bringing it home to mom and dad.  So, what I’m trying to get around to saying, is stop buying brand new Wii games all the time.  Rent them instead from your favorite video store, or from GameFly online. Buy used games from eBay that others are tired of using.  And take the next step, by selling your used Wii games on eBay so others can do the same thing.  A little bit at a time, we can save the planet.