There’s More To A GPS, Then Getting Directions To A Pizza Place In San Francisco

Most people these days, are pretty familiar with what a GPS is, and what to use it for.  What they may not realize, is how many business realy on GPS, and how sophisticated it has become.  Surveyors use it, farmers use it, construction companies use it, highway builders use it, and even marathon runners can use it.  I read one story, about how a peanut farmer used a Trimble GPS system to put their tractors on auto pilot.  Basically, the significiantly reduce his time in the field, by having the tractor run a more precise route on his rows of peanuts.  This meant he could make less passes through the field and get the same amount of work done.  He saved on time, on fuel, and on crop wastage.  It’s pretty easy to see how construction companies, and road companies could use GPS to keep buildings square and roads running the right way.  They don’t actually automatically auto pilot road graders and such, but the make life a whole lot easier for the men and women running the road graders.   They also have these whole GPS infrastructure networks, that connect all the GPS receivers on a bunch of tractors, graders or whatever together.  You can just imagine how with the write software this could make running an entire project a whole lot easier.