How to Travel with Your Pets

Most pet lovers do not have the heart to leave their pets behind when they are travelling. It is for this reason that people tag along their “loved ones” while they are on vacations or trips. And because this kind of loving has been a trend for quite a long time now, more and more airports and accommodations have modified their rules and policies in order to be of service to pet lovers.

Travelling with pets is not always like a candy coated dream. For one, pet owners must pack themselves with a lot of responsibility over their beloved pets. For everything else, here are some helpful tips that can make your travel with your pet a trip to sugar land.

Visit your pet’s vet.

Before you book you and your pet for a flight, make sure that your furry loved one is healthy and fit for travel. To ensure this aspect, have your pet checked up by its pet. Doing so will ensure that your pet could very well adapt to the new surroundings he or she will be into.

Check with the airlines and hotels.

Although most airlines allow passengers to travel with their pets, it is still good to double check. When booking for tickets and making room reservations, make sure that you inform the airlines or hotel that you are travelling with your pet. You could also ask for services or amenities that your pet could get or use.

Get a pet carrier.

Bear in mind that you can’t carry your pet all the time. Also, not all airports and hotels would allow you to walk down your pet inside their facilities. To make sure that you can handle such a situation, make sure that you purchase a pet carrier. You can also check with the airlines for the size and kind of pet carrier materials that they allow.

Avoid late day flights.

Late day connecting flights are very prone to delays. Such occurrences could only make your pets feel irritated and uneasy.

Name your pet.

Make sure that your pet wears a tag with your name and full address. This will help service men in looking for your pet in the event it gets lost. Label your pet carrier with a ‘live animal’ sticker so handlers will know that they should take care when lifting the carrier.

Prepare to pay pet fees.

Airline companies and hotels might charge you with extra fees for accommodating your pet. So make sure that you bring extra cash when travelling.