Time To Buy A Stringing Machine

That’s it, I’ve had enough of all the hassles and expense with getting my squash racquets restrung.  Overpriced pro shops, that are never open on my schedule are just so annoying.  For what they charge, I could probably spend three or four hundred bucks on a decent stringing machine, that would pay for itself in a year.  Not to mention, things would get done on my timetable . . . assuming of course, I have the time to do learn, and then do the stringing when I need it.  But what the hell, I only need it every month or so, and if I get half way decent at it, I should be able to string a racquet in under an hour.  I could probably do it while watching Dexter on TV.  I’ve found a few good resources and discussion forums around that talk about how to do it and recommend a few good stringing machines.  I should really do it.  Save myself a few bucks, and learn something I will.  I could probably even make some money.  I could charge haf what the pros do, and still make money while watching TV.  Cool hugh?