Telling Stories For The Big Bucks

Ever dreamed of being famous? I believe it was Andy Warhol that said everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. Why sell for 15 minutes? Have you ever done anything in your life that warranted a success story? Chances are you have. Most people, by the time they’ve lived at least 20 years have accomplished quite a bit. Even if they don’t think so. Why not take that success and make a few dollars off it?  C’mon start telling stories.

Your accomplishments don’t have to be lifesaving or superhero extraordinary to be of interest to other people. There’s value in doing lots of little things as well. Things like losing 20 pounds. Or even 10 for that matter. How many people are currently on diets this very minute? I bet more than a few of them would love to hear your story, if you’ve been successful doing what they’re just trying.

Do you keep a journal? Even if you don’t, as long as you’re a fairly proficient writer, there’s no reason not to start one. Documenting your accomplishments can not only have very self therapeutic values, they can help others as well. Some may even be willing to pay for that information.

Life is a journey, and everyone takes a different path. The struggles you faced and overcome to accomplish the goals you set for yourself are a valuable lesson. A lesson that should really be shared. While learning that lesson as to how you how to be a better person, sharing a lesson can do the same for others. The most obvious choice that comes to mind for sharing this type of information would be in a website journal or blog. It’s not the only way though.

Documenting your accomplishments other website or blog is just a first step. You need to get the word out. Do you have friends, family, and colleagues that would have an interest in your story? You should contact them, and tell them your story. If they have an online presence are know other people who do, they may be willing to pass the word along for you. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful mechanism for self-promotion.

That should be a good start to get the ball rolling. You may be pleasantly surprised, to find out just how interested people are in the dreams and accomplishments of others. Once people start telling their friends and passing on information about your story you get visitors to your website or blog. From there, there are several ways to profit from your website visitors advertising, and affiliate sales are just a few. try googling phrases like website advertising, affiliate sales, and make money from your blog to find more information.