So You Think You Need A Chainsaw

That little apple tree in the backyard has finally gotten to you hasn’t it.  It’s dropping apples all summer, attracting bees, and getting you stung.  Or, maybe you’ve seen Texas chainsaw one too many times, and decided that there’s better uses for a chainsaw than scaring pretty coeds.  Like maybe that half acre of woods behing the tool shed would make a good addition to your wood pile.  There’s a lot of money to be saved these days, if you can be alittle more self reliant, when it comes to your energy bill.  A STIHL chainsaw would be a good choice, since it’s one of the better makes around.  Then come in all sizes, to suit whatever size of wood chips you need to be making.  Do be careful, as chainsaws are supposed to be one of the most dangerous tools out there.  With good reason I suppose.  All that flying bits of metal moving at high speeds, is really not good for the human body. But, if you do take care, follow the safety instructions, wear protective clothing, safety glasses, and good ear protections, you should be fine.  Time to get chopping mate, that forest is not getting any smaller.  Chop! Chop!