Advancement Of Squash Rackets

Squash is a fast game that originated in England. The game was said to be invented by the students of Harlow school using a soft Indian ball which squashed when hit on the wall. From the earlier time up to 1980, squash rackets were made of laminated wood with small strung area that used natural gut strings. They were typically heavy yet deliver increasing power as the player swung through every stroke.

In 1980 sports racket companies found the call to improve it hence a fresh development of squash rackets crafted from graphite had been formally released in the market. As opposed to wooden squash racket, the modern rackets are a lot lighter and also stiffer. For this reason, it resulted for the wooden rackets getting obsolete. Eventually, composite materials were put to use to produce squash rackets like Titanium, Kevlar as well as Boron whilst the strings are constructed with synthetic materials.

A variety of compositions were likewise added to the squash rackets to fulfill the needs of its various users. Significantly, the racket’s weight has been varied which range from 140 to 170 grams. Ironically, lighter squash rackets are recommended for skilled players while the heavier ones are for those who are just starting to learn the sport. The explanation for this is that if a novice player begins with a lighter racket they will not get the chance to develop their own proficiency in managing a fast ball.

The head size of squash rackets also vary. Beginners and advanced players normally go for a larger head size because it offers a bigger sweet spot. It indicates that even if the ball hits any spot of the racket’s head the player can still render an accurate shot. In the mean time, advanced players prefer to use a smaller head size racket that ranges from 380 to 420 square centimeters because they are already proficient in playing the sport.

Further, the head of the modern squash rackets can either be heavy or light. This is determined on where the center of the racket’s balance lies when being held. Beginners are preferred to use a head heavy racket because it will not cause less stress on the arm of the player.

On the other hand, the sports companies who are responsible in developing squash rackets should conform to the present World Squash Federation rules that states that the racket’s length which includes the grip, frame and face should not exceed 27 inches. Its strings should not be over than 15 3/8 inches. It should also be vertically symmetrical from the top where the strung area is located to the bottom of the grip.

Definitely sports companies are continually exploring and applying the modern technology in building their own squash rackets for the advantage of the squash game enthusiast. It has developed dramatically from the simple rackets employed by the students of Harlow to its present condition at present. Certainly this can all be credited from the continuing study of the sports companies to offer the most effective squash rackets for all players.

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Amazing Features Of Head Squash Rackets

For every squash players choosing the right racket is very vital. It is like an extension of their arm to hit the ball and eventually win. As it is a well known fact that not all squash rackets are created equal, Head Company took the stride to design several models to fit every type of player. Hence, it is no wonder why most prefer to use Head squash rackets because of this. On top of it all, there are many advance features added on each racket which makes them stand out among the other brands available. Although each model carries several special features the following are worth mentioning.

The corrugated technology is among the finest features of Head squash rackets. It indicates that corrugated rails are integrated at the throat of the racket generating 12% more stiffness. Its objective is to optimize power. This is definitely vital especially if you need to hit that fast ball to make the win. This particular innovative technology also supplies the racket its unique attributes of torsion, bending and handling.

Head squash rackets is additionally equipped with another technology which is advance metallix power. Based on its acronym it is stated to amplify the power of every game. This is incorporated by building a split beam on the critical throat section of the racket. The principle for this is to eliminate the power lost during an energetic ball impact. More testing also proves that 20% more stiffness is actually attain thus resulting to more power on every swing.

Additional study implies that one of the factors that decrease power and energy at every shot of the player is brought on by friction between the strings along with the grommet strip. Therefore they have included on each Head squash rackets Teflon polymer strips to address this issue. Seemingly, by producing less friction, the string will allow to slide through providing more power as it can move without restraint around the grommet therefore developing a bigger sweet spot.

Another amazing feature with regards to Head squash rackets is its smart technology called d3o. These are intelligent molecules laid out in the frame’s shaft that flows as the racket moves then locks in together to absorb the impact of the ball. This means whenever the player makes an aggressive shot the molecules lock together in nanoseconds thus increase stiffness and generates maximum power on the shot. On the reverse, the smart molecules flow freely providing a softer touch while still maintains its precision.

It is no doubt Head Company is dedicated in making their rackets meet the demands and requirements of every squash players whether they are a pro, intermediate or just an enthusiastic beginner. On top of this, the prices of all Head squash rackets are much cheaper to compare with other brands. So why will you settle for less? Anyways in every sports winning are only part of the game, what is important is the feeling of enjoyment while playing and this will happen if you have the right equipment on your hand.

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Squash Racket Reviews By Chris

I’ve played the game of squash on and off for about 18 years now. I’ve probably played with dozens of different rackets. Different materials, different composites, different grips, different strings, and different shaped rackets. So, I do have a few opinions when it comes to rackets.

For the majority of players any of the top brands like Dunlop, Black Knight, Wilson, Technifibre, Head, Prince, Manta, or Karakal all manufacturer an appropriate racket. I wouldn’t get too hung up on brand name. Unless, your one of the top 200 players on the PSA tour, there’s really no need to spend more than a hundred dollars for a racket.

What matters the most, is that a racket feels good to you. Weight and stiffness, are probably the two most important features here. Also, bear in mind, that a lighter racket, with good stiffness, and reduced vibrations is less likely to cause repetitive strain type injuries over the years.

The other thing to keep in mind, is that once you have a racket you like, be sure to own at least 2 of them. That way, when one breaks, or needs to be restrung, your not stuck playing with a completely different racket.  I actually have 4 rackets in my squash bag at the moment, with one more on order.   Only on of those current 4 do I consider playable at the moment.  It’s a Wilson N145, the same as the one I have on order.

The oldest of those rackets (a Slazenger) has a hairline stress crack, and will probably go any time.  It’s like 10 years old, so it doesn’t really owe me anything.  The remaining two need restringing, and I’m not sure they’re worth being restrung.  One is an Unsquashable, that I won at a tournament, and have never been all that attached to.  The last one is a Black Knight Viper, that is pretty old as well, and will probably break as soon as I get it restrung.  So, I haven’t.