Squash Bags For Real Squash Players

Anyone that’s been playing squash for a few years, has probably started to accumulate a bunch of squash gear. Racquets, balls, shoes, bandannas, grips, goggles, wrist / elbow / knee / ankle supports, and maybe even a book of squash rules. For the longest time, I basically carried around 2 bags every time I went to the squash courts. One with all my clothing, towels, shampoo, deodorant etc. And another bag, with my racquets, balls, and whatever else, I could cram into the bag that came with my racquet. It wasn’t just a head cover bag, but one that could hold a couple of racquets and a few balls and stuff. Eventually, I got tired of the 2 bag scenario, and purchased a good 4 racquet sized Head squash bag.

I went looking on YouTube for a video about squash bags, but couldn’t find one. So I made one and uploaded it. My first YouTube video. Pretty cool huh? You can actually put quite a bit of stuff in a squash bag. What you don’t see here, is the clothes I wear to play. The fit in the same compartment as my shoes. My towel fits in there as well. Not to worry, that compartment is well ventilated, so even the sweaty stuff can survive in there for a while.

What you don’t really see in the video, is the shoulder straps. This bag can be worn just like a backpack. Or, it can be carried like a suitcase with a regular handle. I wanted the backpack option, since some days I bike down to the courts to play. Helps me stay in shape . . . yea right ;)