How To Become A Scuba Instructor

What diver wouldn’t want to spend their days diving in a tropical paradise? Teaching others about your passion for diving, can be a very rewarding career. While, it may not be the highest paying job, there something to be said for an office with a view.  I spent one glorious getting my Padi certification a few years ago, down in Aruba.  The dive instructor I had actually came from Venezuela every day, as it was only 50 miles across the water.  They weren’t the toughest bunch of instructors I’ve seen.  The day the water temperature dropped below 80 degrees they all started complaining.  Water temperature aside, they all seemed to really love their jobs.  So if your thinking about becoming an instructor, here are some tips.

Here are a few basic requirements you will need to meet. Don’t worry, if your already a diver, chances are you’ve already done some of them.

1. An education is a must for just about anything these days, and dive instructor is no exception. A high school diploma should be considered a minimum, but a college degree would be even better. Marine biology, or outdoor and recreational leadership would be a couple of applicable degrees.

2. If your not already a diver, you should take some courses, and at least get your PADI or NAUI certification. It’s a sure way to tell if your going to like the job.

3. Get your dive master certification, and complete at least a hundred dives. If you haven’t got tired of diving at this point, then instructing could be the gig for you.

4. Keep yourself in good physical shape. Swimming is an excellent way to do this, and pretty handy for a diver to know how to do.

5. Your ready to start browsing the job ads.