The Roof Replaced ?

I am sure I am not alone in tending to ignore the importance of the roof in the everyday scheme of things. But it really is important. All your worldly goods as the saying goes are protected by the roof against all the elements and inclement weather that nature can throw at it. So it is imperative that you do NOT ignore it but ensure it is maintained in first class condition throughout its entire life. Never let it fall into any state of disrepair.

The roof should be inspected on a regular basis especially if you live near trees and kept clear of any leaves or branches. Look for any loose tiles and check the flashings. Have a look for any mildew or mould which might mean water or moisture is perhaps being retained instead of removing itself in the correct manner.

If problems do arise then try and deal with them the best you can and by getting professional help if necessary. With me it will certainly be necessary as my love for heights is less than nil.

Sadly no matter how much effort you put into the maintenance of your roof there may come a time when replacement is the only option. Unless your DIY skills are pure top quality then you must be advised by a local expert company. Anyway a professional firm will undoubtedly get the job done quicker thus minimizing the inconvenience the job is likely to cause. As with any large job, and this one is a large job, get several estimates from different contractors and do not necessarily go for the smallest quotation. Make sure you get something like a ten year guarantee or warranty so that you can be covered (pun intended) for that period of time without having to worry about extra cash. Ask to see their work if possible before you make any decisions. Make sure you find out just how long the job will take thus enabling you to ascertain just what sort of upheaval all this will cause.

It is doubtful that the job can be done in one day in fact you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work the out so there can be several hours when the house is open to the elements. A true professional will let you know what you need to do to get your home ready for the roof to be replaced.

One major point to remember is to let the neighbours know what is going on as noise will be exceptional at times both when the old roof is being taken off and the replacement being put on.

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