How to Deal with Retirement

“Give your best shot!” — This is the common pep talk people hear when they start out the field called life. True enough, you really need to assert yourself to reach your goal. Self motivation is a must. And you’ll find that as the years pass, it is very heartwarming to muse over the hardships you endured to attain your objectives.

You cannot get away from the truth that everybody is maturing and aging. Retirement period will come whether we like it or not. It is not easy to give up parts of our daily routines. Athletes or sports people are not exempted to this stage change.

There are two types of retirement for sports people. One of these is the normal and unavoidable end of your lengthy and rewarding profession. This means that you take the fame and honor you achieved during your stay in the business. This is also where self-respect comes in.

The other type of retirement always seems to be very untimely. Injuries, monetary constraints or casting away may be the cause of untimely retirements. These are things that a sports person like you has no hand. This type of retirement is always unplanned.

Retiring due to the natural way is deemed to be more acceptable. You need to understand that our body endurance is limited. Besides, isn’t it nice to look back to those achievements and honor you gathered during your active days? Such a feeling will help you to ease up the pain of leaving your hectic environment.

Premature retirement is more painful. It also extends into elongated healing periods. This is the point that “ifs” and other “I should haves” occur. This is also the stage where you need to consider your health and body capacity. Premature retirement will give you the chance to reflect that people have different aptitudes, skills and destinies.

Whether or not the retirement is planned or unplanned, family and friends should give their full understanding and love to overcome its agony. Athletes or not, people naturally have hard times coping with such a transition period.

If you are retiring, bear in mind to be very positive. The experience, knowledge and stamina you gained from your sports life will always be a big help. Focus your attention to other things. Expand your horizons by trying out new things that you never had the time to do before. Always put in mind that you are not helpless. Being aged is not a big deal. There are more doors that are ready to open when you knock.

It’s not the end of journey. You still have to plant the seeds of your inner interests. Let them grow!