Safety Tips on How to Travel While Pregnant

It is common for expecting moms to be hesitant to travelling. There is no doubt that expecting moms should prioritize their coming newborn before anything else. In the case that an expecting mom really needs to travel, she must first look into the following considerations:

Condition of pregnancy

The travelling expecting mom must first make sure that she is healthy and that there are no complications in her pregnancy. Doing so will ensure that she and her baby will have a safe travel.

Complications or disease

The expecting mom who has a hypertensive disease, placenta plevia or pre-term labor must really put off travelling while still pregnant.

Baby health

Is the baby healthy? Pregnant women who need to travel must consult with their obstetrician-gynecologists before making a decision. Their doctors will be the one to ascertain if their baby is fit for travel stress.

Once all of the above-mentioned considerations have been looked upon, the travelling mom must see to it that she will be careful in her travel. To help in this regard, here are some tips that expecting moms like you will find helpful while you’re on travel:

Book a wheelchair.

Airport wheelchairs can be booked in advance. This kind of service is offered by airports for free. Riding in a wheelchair will ensure that you will not strain their feet while walking or waiting for long lines in the airport.

Be early.

Pregnant women must see to it that they arrive in the airport at least 90 minutes (for local destinations) or two hours (for international ones) before their flights. Doing so will ensure that you will not rush your way.

Pick the aisle seat.

Reserve a seat that has easy access to the door and the bathroom. The aisle seat is usually the most convenient in this regard.

Go first class.

First class seats have bigger spaces for movements. Do not sulk much on the extra costs as the added penny will surely provide you with great convenience. Just psyche yourself that you are paying for two: you and your baby.

Wear loose.

Avoid wearing tight and fitted clothing when you are travelling. Such garments will just make you uneasy and uncomfortable during travel time. When out for long travels, wear your most comfortable outfit.

Move it.

If you are travelling for long hours, make sure that you move your body regularly to ensure blood flow. If there is no room for walking or standing try to wiggle your hands and your toes every now and then.