Think Twice Before List Building With PPC

There are plenty of experts that use pay per click marketing as a way to build their lists for whatever products and websites they’re promoting. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good one for beginners to use. To allure to starting with pay per click marketing, is its apparent simplicity. Nothing could be further from the truth. To be effective at pay per click marketing requires a fairly high level of expertise. Without that expertise, it’s pretty easy to burn through a big-budget.

For some strange reason visitors attracted through pay per click advertising don’t convert as well as other revenues of traffic. It’s almost like the visitors know they’ve clicked on advertising and that somebody’s going to try to sell them something from the very beginning. Fortunately there are other ways to build your list and promote your site. Article marketing, though very time consuming can be effective and inexpensive. Joint ventures are also a great way to build your lists, if you know someone you can partner with. For beginners however this can be problematic. Just staring, means you likely don’t have any contacts in the business.

One of the differences between pay per click marketing and article marketing is an absence of a relationship. It’s basically comes down to quantity. When somebody clicks on an ad you’ve written, they’ve likely only read two, three, or maybe four lines about your product or website. That’s really only a split second of time. If however, they’ve read a well thought out and put together article, they’re far more vested in which you have to say. They’ve spent some time with you and your thoughts, and obviously consider them worthy enough to pursue a little longer by clicking on a link in your article. This is a much more bankable, and convertible visitor.

Once your base of traffic begins to expand and you’ve exhausted most of your options such as joint ventures, article marketing, and other approaches; then pay per click makes more sense. By this point in time you should know how to convert visitors, and have fine tuned your sales approach. This is the time to begin building more traffic with pay per click advertising. It’s really a more advanced approach. Effective yes, in the right hands. For a beginner however, it can be a real deal breaker.

Article marketing is also a great way to learn about your customer. Not to mention your product. The more you write, the more you learn. As well, you begin to understand which articles attract and convert your visitors. This develops a keener sense of the marketer in you. Not only for visitors, but also for search engine and SEO purposes.