GPS Pedometers Are The Coolest Things

If your a runner, hiker, walker, climber, or swimmer and you’ve never used a GPS pedometer, you really need to check one of these units out. They can track of how far you walk, run or climb, as well as where you’ve been doing your running walking or climbing. It’s important to look for good accuracy in any pedometer you purchase. If the pedometer is a little bit off with each step you take, all the information it calculates about your workout from that point on is pretty meaningless. That’s what makes the new pedometers that use GPS technology are so much better. Sure, you’ll spend a little bit more money for one, but in the end they’ll be worth it. Most will connect to your computer, and log, track, and analyze things to the Nth degree for you. You’ll be able to print off maps of your workouts, as well as look back at the history for weeks, months, or days of your workout. There’s a great GPS Pedometer website that covers all the details of buying and using a pedometer. It’s a great way to use technology to for a practical purpose, get fitter, and appease the inner geek in you as well.