Pebble Tile Strikes A Very Distinctive Look

Pebble tiles aren’t just for the outdoors anymore. They can be a great addition the decor of any indoor surface, as well as a striking visual aesthetic in the outdoor setting as well. If you’ve never seen or considered pebble tiles in your decorating scheme, you should really check them out. They provide a very all-natural look to whatever surface they are applied to. They basically look like what they sound like. The pebble tiles are simply collection of various assorted pebbles grouped together for application. The pebbles can be of similar sizes and textures, or very different, depending on their intended use.

They can be used for pathways, backslashes, bathroom floors, or anywhere else you would use regular tiles. It’s really just a question, of allowing your own imagination room to navigate. They typically evoke a sort of outdoor beach/stream type imagery. So, anywhere you want to achieve that kind of effect, pebble tiles would be more than appropriate.

Pebble tiles share many characteristics with conventional tiling stones. They’re incredibly resilient to water and moisture and spills. So, they make a very logical choice for kitchens and bathrooms and pool areas. Not to mention larger patio areas.

They can be a little tricky to work with however. Due to the nature of the stone, there can be some restriction about how they are cut. Careful measuring can alleviate any problems here, and is key to a successful installation. If you’ve never worked with this kind of material before, it makes sense to order a small batch, and use it in a somewhat inconspicuous area. Sort of like a test run. This way you get a good look at what can do for you aesthetically speaking. As well, your installer will develop a better appreciation of what the materials like to work with.

While that may be a little bit harder to find, quality pebbled piles can give you a very distinctive and pleasing effect. It may be worth your while, to do a little bit of extra homework, when it comes to finding an installer. A good installation, is really crucial here. While the stones do have a very organic look, you don’t want to see the installation run totally amok. Good planning and a careful installation, we’ll give you a truly one-of-a-kind result. As well as being unique, you’ll find pebble tiles to be incredibly durable. Good luck, and happy decorating.