Top 5 Tranquil Islands Round the World!!

I’ve thought about all the random islands I have been on my travels and decided to narrow it down to lists, starting with a top 5 tranquil islands. These places really exist and you can go there to relax away from the world. All the places I write about are places I have been to. I wanted to include Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland on this list but I haven’t actually been there yet so it will have to wait. These are just quirky, odd and remote. So tranquil, so relaxed. And totally bereft of skyscrapers.

1. Cuverville Island, ANTARCTICA:

Well I had to include at least one island from the white continent, given that it’s the most peaceful continent on the planet. I’ve gone for Cuverville Island, as it was a hike to the top through gorgeous snow and was just an amazing adventure. When we reached the top of Cuverville we feasted our eager eyes on the totally magical wonderland of Antarctica. One of life’s better days. One of the best islands you could land on.

How to get to it – When book a boat trip to Antarctica, there’s a chance you will visit Cuverville. It will totally depend on the weather conditions, and the decisions of the captain and the crew as they decide on the landings. If not, your Antarctica trip may include other islands that I didn’t visit. And I’m so sure that they will capture the same sort of magical spirit as Cuverville!

2. Bruny Island, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA:

Bruny is so remote you will love it. Tasmania itself is fairly isolated nevermind this wee island off the south east corner. Here you can see penguins and white wallabies – a rare breed. You can also pop into Australia’s southernmost pub for a beer. And head to “The Neck” for an awesome sunset view. The rural charm of Tassie is on display here, you’d be a fool to miss it’s disconnected tranquility.

How to get to it – Board a ferry in Kettering in South East Tasmania which heads across on a daily basis. If you do miss the last one you will have to stay the night though! Which may not be a bad thing…


Sark is inspiring. It is one of the Channel Islands, and was Europe’s last feudal state, it actually has its own parliament, and a population of around 600. While working on the cross channel ferries, I was able to see all these remote Channel Islands and i love them. A great place to relax and get away. It will feel like you’ve been timewarped.

Sark might well be a country, it might also be part of the UK. It has its own postage stamps and can you believe it once fielded a proper international football team (well they didn’t score any goals and conceded 70 in their only 4 international matches). You’ll arrive by boat and then a tractor arrives and you hop on and head up the hill to the main street. Highlights are the amazing view, the old fashioned main street, the odd capital of La Seigneurie and Little Sark – a small adjoining island where bikes are even banned! Hire a bike to get to the entrance though. You have to love Sark!

How to get there – I went by boat on the Bon Marin de Serk, which leaves from St. Peter Port in Guernsey. This is by far and away the best, cheapest and most obvious route to Sark. There is no airport in Sark, although a landing strip and helipad have been used before. Private boat is also an option.

4. Tai O on Lantau Island, HONG KONG:

I kind of wanted an Asian representative in this short list, and living in Hong Kong made me favour the wonderful Lantau Island in the west part of Hong Kong. If you can forget the fact that part of the island has a busy international airport on it, then get away to the very west corner at Tai O, where you can really relax. So much so that you will lose track of time, and even forget you’re in Hong Kong. There is no commercial element here. Plenty of hikes, even waterfalls, boat cruises and the highlight is the seafood and walking around the traditional fishing village on stilts. An amazing place!

How to get to it – Go by bus from a bus stop near Tung Chung MTR station. Alternatively you can catch a bus from Mui Wo , which has a direct ferry to Hong Kong Island.

5. CHILE: Cape Horn/Cabo De Hornos:

It would just feel crazy to leave the marvellous Cape Horn off this list! Cape Horn quite simply is the southernmost point of the civilised world and the marker for the dreaded Drake Passage. All that lies south is Antarctica, making Cape Horn feel like the end of the world. Though I didn’t actually set foot on Cape Horn (that would come at a high cost believe me!), we sailed eloquently past it, stopping by to glimpse at this famous spot. Just breathtaking.For the record there are actually islands further south called Diego Ramirez Islands, which we also passed, but the famous one is Cape Horn.

Where Is It? Tierra del Fuego, Chile.It’s pretty much hard to get to as it’s the furthest south point of liveable land on the planet. There’s a rule that ships cannot go within 13 kilometres of it on stormy days. We went within a few kilometres as we were lucky and got to see the horn up close. If you have the money you can contact the Chilean Naval authorities and probably organise a landing, but I have no idea of the cost. Your trip to Antarctica might pass by it like mine. If not you can get a boat trip from the south of Argentina or Chile and check if they can include a trip up close to Cape Horn in the itinerary. I feel happy that I was able to see it that close.

Have fun on tranquil islands, don’t stop living!

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On A Quest For Some Peace And Quiet

There are plenty of things we need as human beings, but one of the most neglected, is peace and quiet. Or more specifically, an absence of distraction and stimulation. We live in a frantic society, where we’re constantly bombarded by news, media, gadgets, family, friends, telephones, computers, television and work. It’s a wonder, more of us don’t go crazy. I work from home, and have three small children. Thankfully, they’re all in school, otherwise, very little work would get done. My most peaceful time of day, is the moment they’re off to school and I know things will be quiet. I know I have hours of time to do what I deem important.

Every work day morning, it feels like I have my whole life in front of me. My spouse is off to work, the kids are at school, and the dog is asleep. Since I work for myself, I pretty much set my own agenda, and schedule. Even though, I have a full day of work ahead of me, it feels like a big weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I know I can concentrate on what I need to do, and if I can get on a roll, I’ll get plenty of things done.

I’ve always been a fairly quiet person, even as a child. As I grew, into my teenage years, I remember moments seeking out locations where I knew I would have moments of quiet solitude. We used to have an apartment that we rented in on of the big houses I grew up in. It was closed off from the rest of the house. Since it was old, and kind of retro fitted to an older house, the layout was a little odd. The washroom for example, was kind of in the middle of the apartment, with no windows. I often preferred to use that washroom as it was fairly isolated from the rest of the house and sort of felt like being in a sensory deprivation tank. When I worked in office towers, which rarely offered much quiet, I would still manage to find some on my lunch hours and coffee breaks. There was a hotel adjoining one of the office buildings, and I would often just find a sitting area on one of the floors where I could just sit, or sit and read. The pool had a very peaceful observation area with couches and very little foot traffic.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to find these little hideaway places, but I know they were essential to my well being. Having an opportunity to just be with yourself, and not having to wear a mask or appearance for the benefit of others is a calming feeling. Most people who have an office job, never see that benefit. They have to expend energy sustaining the facade of a good employee, while at the same time doing their job. Whatever that is. I never really thought of it before, but it’s nice to be able to truly be myself, while doing the work I enjoy. It’s liberating, and very honest.

Some, some would argue, that I’m not truly in a world of piece and quiet when I start my work day, that’s fine. But I am in a much more quiet and honest environment to do what I need to do. I generally try not to worry about what others think, or feel that I’m putting on a brave face for their benefit. At the very least, I think what we need from peace and quiet, is a chance to be ourselves. Our real selves. Our honest selves. While That’s not where I was going when I started this piece, that seems to be where I’ve ended. Peace and quiet means a chance for us to be 100 percent honest. It’s a good place to be. At leas for a few more hours.