Smart Outdoor Lighting Can Save You Some Big Bucks

Pretty much everyone is aware that outdoor lighting can be used for enhanced security. It’s sure to give burglars and vandals a moment of pause. At the very least, it makes your property look much less attractive to would-be criminals. As with many things these days, there is a range of different lighting you can try.  Nice outdoor lights.

When they first came out, motion detector sensors were quite effective. Nowadays, they’re pretty commonplace in most homes. They still serve an important role, but on their own, there not enough to distinguish your home from other likely targets in the neighborhood. Timer switches have been around since long before motion detectors. They’re still pretty effective, especially in combination with motion detection sensors.

It has become very popular these days to use cameras activated from motion detectors. Inexpensive camera security systems are readily available to the average consumer. I’ve seen several different versions at my local Costco store.

While motion activated cameras and lights are all great gadgets and technology, you need to use them effectively. That means installing them in strategic places around your property. Shadowed and dark pathways around your home and garage are good places to start. During installation, you’ll also want to make sure the sensitivity settings are correct on all your sensors. There is no point in having your equipment activate every time a chipmunk scurries past.

While all those kind of fancy equipment may sound expensive, it’s really not. One way of thinking about it, is to consider how much one major break-in will cost you. By the time you add up irreplaceable items and insurance deductibles, these types of security measures will probably seem pretty cheap. Don’t forget to factor into your budget, the discount offered by some insurance companies for installing these devices. Check with your own insurance company first to be sure.

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The other question to consider, when researching security systems for your home, is professional installation. If you’ve picked some pretty complex equipment for your system, it may be worth talking to a few professional contractors. There’s nothing worse, than buying state-of-the-art equipment, and then botching the installation of it.

One final trick to think about, is using some fake equipment. For instance, if you think you really need four cameras but only can afford two, then buy two real ones, and two fake ones. The average thief or vandal will have a hard time differentiating between them. Only you and your security installer need to know the truth.