No Need To Be Afraid Of Online Education Courses

I’ve signed up for a few correspondence courses, but never completed them.  Once back in high school, and once again as an adult.  I don’t remember, what the high school course was, but the adult one was a boating course, with the power and sail squadron.  There seems to be a bit of a trend there.  I’ve never tried an online degree program, but the correspondence course failed starts probably have me shying away from online learning.  The trick is, to be committed.  You really need to want to finish the program in whatever it is.  It’s one of the big mistakes, made by online students.  A few others would be choosing the wrong school, and a lack of communication with your teacher.  It requires an extra effort to initiate communication, as your not there face to face with your teacher on a daily basis.  I have a brother, who did his masters degree online, so I know it’s not a genetic barrier, really just a motivational one.  If I do ever decide on something interesting to take, I really should give the online career education train a ride.  Could be fun.