Nikon D40x vs Canon XTi

If we compare the developments of the cameras from a previous model to another can say that the differences between the Nikon D40x and 40 the only difference is that the evolution or D40x is 10.2 mp. Turning to the camera body is exactly the same as the D40. D40x has only 3 focus points compared to the XTI which has 9 focus points, Xti also has a cleansing system, to avoid leaving the annoying dust spots that enters the camera when making changes lenses.

Now if we talk about quality optics, Nikon is 100 times better than Canon, in terms of brightness and colors that delivers very good results, but not both, if you compare the price of canon lenses that are cheaper than the Nikon , so I think I may buy more lenses that canon nikon lens.

The other thing, the quality of the camera while this XTI to a level very similar to the D40x, the truth is that you have more comparisons with the first Nikon D80 and Sony A100.

The other thing, and although it seems silly to compare to my account as importantly, the XTI fee is 100%, compared with the D40x which is composed of parts as the sensor is sony. Furthermore charge is made in Japan and is armed NIKON THAI.

Another difference is that some say is more canon nikon the plastic that has more metal parts.