Mmel Mounts Introduces New Truck Laptop Tables for the Ford F150

Mmel Mounts recently focused on manufacturing new truck laptop desks for the Ford F150. You can easily find a mobile computing product for the Ford F150; however, none of them can be as advanced as the F150 laptop desks produced by Mmel Mounts. Mmel Mounts F150 laptop mounts are easy to install; there’s no drilling required. Mmel Mounts laptop desk models are well designed; these desk models can fit perfectly with any laptop sizes thanks to the adjustable desks.

These desk models come with a locking system, so your laptop will be protected perfectly from any potential threads. One of the most advanced feature of these desks is they are no-drilling systems. These desks require no vehicle modifications; they just attach to the passenger seat in front by making use of the two bolts. The installation process takes you only 25 minutes to complete and the best thing is, you can do it yourself without the help from a professional. The Mmel Mounts laptop desk package comes with all necessary tools for installing the desks into your vehicle; all you need to do is to follow exactly what they instruct. This should not take you more than 25 minutes to complete.

Mmel Mounts F150 laptop mount comes with an expandable tray which features with a spring mechanism, making it easily fit any laptop sizes, including the 17 inch widescreen laptops. Your laptop will be held securely with the help of the four side clamping arms of the laptop desks. One more advanced feature is that these arms are adjustable, making customizing the laptop fit a piece of cake. The great thing is, your laptop ports and drives can still operate as normal without any obstructs. Moreover, you can mount other devices which support printer trays or GPS thanks to the patterns of holes on the boundaries of the expandable tray of this F150 laptop desk.

If you are worried that your laptop will incur damages due to the shock and vibrations, it has been taken into consideration. The overall design of the computer mounts allows you to work in comfort or if not in use, simply store the computer screen up with secure support. The support with the spring loaded mechanism allows it to travel in a smooth manner with several viewing angles.

As I mentioned previously, the height of this F150 laptop mount is adjustable, so users can easily find the right working position. This laptop desk height can be taken out in seconds when you do not need it any more. Mmel Mounts F150 laptop stand does not interfere with the passenger seat. In fact, the passenger can have even more additional space by moving the vertical stand to the center console. Other F150 laptop mounts in the market have the same feature; they are straight in structure, making it impossible to create more space for the passenger. The passenger can rest their legs and enjoy the comfortable space this Mmel Mounts F150 laptop table provides.

Mmel Mounts F150 laptop mount is made from rugged steel, making it the most stable desk in the industry. With the special design of the base, both the driver and the passenger will have no difficulties moving their legs. The best part is the no drilling is involved as well as other modifications to your vehicle. In short, Mmel Mounts F150 laptop desk provides a perfect mobile computing solution for anyone who love working on the go.

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The Advantages Of Custom Mobile Websites For Your Business

Technology moves at an ever-increasing pace as the years go by. One shining example of this is the evolution of how computing has gone from the desktop to handheld devices. These devices have become so popular that nearly everyone owns at least one of them. They are highly visible no matter where you go as people scurry about sending text messages and surfing online. Businesses with an online presence have had to adapt by using custom mobile websites.

It is common for a business to have an online presence. A traditional website may have difficulty being displayed in the new mobile devices. This means a new version must be created so that the sleek new cell phones and smart pad devices can serve them up to hungry consumers. Business owners stand to lose a lot of money if they cannot deliver the goods to these mobile devices.

If you currently do not own one of these sites, then you are at a definite competitive disadvantage. The use of mobile devices to view businesses is growing at a phenomenal rate. Most handheld owners use their device to check out a business before paying them a visit. If they cannot see what your business has to offer online they will go elsewhere. This means your closest competitor will take your customers.

A company that chooses to embrace new technologies quickly will outperform those who hesitate or do not comply. As time goes by consumers have slowly become reliant upon their gadgets to do a lot of things they used to do on a desktop computer. They can now shop anywhere and check prices from different stores. They can view restaurant menus to see which items strike their fancy. The hours of operation of businesses can be checked fairly quickly and telephone numbers dialed with a tap of the finger.

Most businesses have at one time or another had their listing in the telephone directory. This used to be the status quo on how to do marketing. Today things have changed and print media is definitely losing out to instant online gratification. You can easily update any information about your business online whereas it is impossible to do in print media until the next printing run.

Another perk of using this technology is the ability to have your customer text a message to sign up to your mailing list. You can then send marketing texts with special deals at any time. Doing so can bring in bursts of traffic and profits on slow days or help get rid of clearance merchandise.

Your new handheld compatible site can be fully customized to match your existing version. If you so wish, the logo and color scheme of your main site can be included and used to tie everything together as a cohesive package. Your designer will take care of all the details so there is nothing complicated about getting started.

Keeping up with online trends and technology is important to every business owner. It can mean the difference between staying in business and closing shop. Millions of individuals now rely upon their handheld devices to make the decision on where they spend their money. If you haven’t already made the decision to go with custom mobile websites, then it is high time you did today.

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