Time For A Little Welding?

I’m not much of a DIY kind of guy, but one area of construction, that has always sort of fascinated me is welding.  And not just because I saw Flashdance as a hormonally unbalanced teenager.  Those who don’t get that joke, are probably much to young to laugh at it anyway.  There has to be something about a skilled trade, that requires you to wear a mask with special lenses to protect your eyes for damage.  Kind of like a superhero sort of thing.  I’m sure, that Superman could do a little arc welding with that heat vision from his eyes.  He didn’t need a special mask, but then again, he was from a different planet.  Anyway, I digress.  I was just thinking about learning a bit more about being a welder, as rumor has it there is a shortage of welders in this country.  What with the economy the way it is, it couldn’t hurt to have a backup occupation.  So I found this one cool site about Lincoln welders.  This company has been making welders for close to a hundred years.  They were quite an innovator, and not just in the products they manufactured, but in the way they treated their employees.  They were one of the first companies to offer group life insurance to it’s employees, and have always included a member from every employee department on their advisory board.  In their 110 years of existence, they have never experienced an employee work stoppage (strike).  If more companies in America ran this way, maybe the US wouldn’t be in the mess they are today.