I Love Lego And Star Wars Stuff!

When I was a child a lego set was a fairly crude clustering of building blocks that were more or less cooler than lincoln logs but not quite as dapper as Atari. In the ages that have followed, depending on your taste in toys, that has altered importantly.

Lego took a whipping for a while, but understood, they had a really daring and potentially deep ware, but just needed to be fine-tune a little here and there.  Maybe a lot here and there. They decided to accomplish this by partnering up with one of the most popular franchises in history and that being Star Wars.

From that joining of the minds, and franchises, came shelves upon shelves of Lego playthings grounded on the Star Wars brand.

One of the first franchises to really profit from product add-ins, is the brand known as Star Wars. One of the most successfully strategic corporate moves in the brand name of games, has to be a joint venture between Lego, and Star Wars.  It’s been incredibly profitable for both. Gone are the days, when you just trash your little Lego castle, after you’ve toyed with it for awhile.  Now, once it’s done, you put on display for the whole public to see.

I’ve never been quite so freaking amazed, as I was, after having wasted a few truckloads of time perusing the latest offerings from the universe of Star Wars and Lego. If you got an inkling to re-create your hot Star Wars moment, perusing through what Lego has to offer will in all probability be a good idea.Ever have an inkling to re-create the Cantina scene from Star Wars in Lego.  You’re in luck, have a look around, and I’m sure you’ll find the bits you need. It doesn’t really matter what your preferred Star Wars piece, scene, vehicle, character, or villain is.  The point is, what Lego you can have it right in your own household.Don’t assume that because these collectables can be put together in a few hours or days, that your enjoyment of them ends when they’re done.  They are after all of excellent workmanship and the quite worthy for displaying.  You can of course just picking apart, pack them away and build them again another day just for the heck of it. The good thing about these collectables, is that they can be done by more than one person.  It can be fun family project.

If you’ve ever sat and wondered whatever happened to those Legos from your childhood, they have joined forces with another smash hit from your childhood and in concert they are going to be around for generations to come.