Youngsters Boo-Boo: Pay Attention

Eagerness and excitement in what we are doing always drive us to miscalculate our moves. It is for this reason that taking notes of the guidelines and clearly understanding our aims are needed if we want to be successful with our plans. It is also the reason why we decided to impart to our teenagers the list of usually wrong ideas when doing exercises. Here we go:

Consistency- Always remembers that patience and perseverance pay. Regular work out is needed to achieve the body you are aiming for. You need to be a diligent “newbie”. Bear in mind that your body will get back to its original form when you become lazy. Totally stopping your exercise will not deliver you to becoming fit, healthy and fab.

Diet- Teenagers think that losing weight can be done by reducing their food intake. No, this is not true. Achieving good and healthy body is done by right diet and good exercise. You cannot obtain the result in just a snap of the fingers. You have to improve your eating habit. Avoid fatty, sugar and high calorie food. Switch to fruits and vegetable so you can have the nutrients our body needs.

Overtraining- Younger generation are full of energy. You think that you are capable of doing anything, anytime and any how. You think that over training will achieve better results. No. Remember that you need to give your muscles time to relax and patch up the minuscule tears you got from your work out. Give yourself three to four days of training per week.

Distraction during work out. -Turn off your mobile phones and laptops. Give your total concentration on your routine. It is advisable to do your work out alone or inside an area that will allow you to focus. Thirty minutes of intense lifting and cardio should be included in your training. Always give your utmost attention during your keeping fit sessions.

Boredom- Motivate yourself to have fun and contentment in your work out. Maintain a record of your improvements to keep you satisfied. Log your weight and anyof the changes you gain since the start of your training. Examine your body in the mirror and notice the development. Doing these things will l also help you to get rid of boredom. Use the modern technology to take pictures of yourself often to compare the difference. If you get bored, try changing your routine. Look for variation of exercises to keep you challenged.