Low Light House Plants You’ve Never Heard Of

Generally speaking, unless you happen to live in a greenhouse, it’s very difficult to find an area in your home that provides good sunlight for your plants. Lucky for you, there’s no reason to give up on growing beautiful tropical low light plants that require a lot of light. There are quite a few tropical plants that can thrive in lowlight conditions. Even some highlight demand plants can be coaxed to survive in less than very bright conditions. It will take a little extra maintenance and care for them to do well though. For starters though, let’s take a look at a few plants that do extremely well with very little light.

If you like plants with lots of large shiny green leaves, a good one would be the Cast Iron Plant, also known as the Aspidistra Elatior. The other nice thing about this plant, is its high tolerance for variance in temperature and water. You do have to keep an eye though for insects, but are attracted to its large, meaty, green leaves.

If you’re looking for a plant with some rather unusual spot of leaves, then perhaps you should consider the Zebra Haworthia. It has some rather unusual spotted leaves, stood with a very distinctive look. Its pleasing leaves take on a rose like shape, and hang downward, giving the plant and even more distinctive, yet attractive look. It’s a diminutive grower, which makes it great for areas that don’t have a lot of room. Keep up the water regularly with this plant, and you will be pleased with the results.

As we venture into the Far East, looking for some more exotic plants, you should consider the Chinese Evergreen. These guys don’t even need dirt for growing. How’s that for a little exotic?

If you’ve had enough of the Orient, let’s venture over to the African jungle. Were bound to find a plethora of great plants from this continent. Even some common ones that won’t mind the lowlight conditions in most homes. Take the Sansevieria Trifasciata as a worthy contender for a little space in your home. Don’t forget to keep this guy, well watered. You may even be rewarded with flowers on this plant, if you can manage to get just enough light.

Just to give you a few more plants likely to do well with your little light, consider the following. If you’re partial to climbing plants, check out the Split Leaf Philodendron. A plant that’s rarely available because of its popularity in North America, would be the Peace Lily. Hanging plants were all the craze back in the 60s, and still continue to be today. If you don’t mind those 60s flashbacks, maybe you should try the Devil’s Ivy.

As you can see, there are quite a few plants to fill up even the more darker corners of your home. Of course once the plants are in there, those corners won’t seem quite so dark and drab. There’s nothing like a few plants to brighten up a home and make it feel more lively.