Bare Minimum Gear for Enjoyable Hiking

Backpacking trip is a short outdoor leisure that people can get their hands on. This kind of activity will not just enable you to enjoy, it will also be a way for you to strengthen your body. To ensure that your backpacking trip is a memorable one, you have to bring alone the following must-have items:

1. Proper clothing

Sweatshirts and proper clothing are definite must-haves in any backpacking trip. Wearing sweatshirts will enable you to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. They could also double up as jackets during cold and windy nights.

2. First aid kit

Since backpacking is an outdoor activity, there is a big possibility to encounter danger. Tricky slopes might leave you with wounds or a sprained foot. It is for this reason that it is imperative to pack a first aid kit with you. Your first aid kit must include antiseptic solutions, gauze, bandages, cotton, medicines, a cell phone with a fully charged battery and a list of numbers to call during an emergency such as the nearest hospital.

3. Flashlight

Dark might set in even before you reach your destination. So it is best to pack yourself with a flashlight and extra batteries. You can use your flashlight to navigate and look for your way in case you get lost.

4. Knife

A hunting knife is a reliable item in backpacking trips. You can use it to cut ropes or branches that will hinder your path.

5. Duct tape

A duct tape is a handy item for backpacking trips. That’s why it is considered as the ‘Jack of All Trades’ in this kind of activity. You can use it to as a thread and needle for sewing torn bags or clothes. You can even use it to temporarily repair the damage of your shoes.

6. Water

Hydration is a very important issue during backpacking trips. Be sure to pack more than enough clean drinking water. You can also refill your containers once you get to the nearest drinking station.

7. Food

Of course, where will you get your energy? Pack lots of sandwiches in your bags before you go on a backpacking trip.

8. Trash bags

The world is full of garbage now so don’t contribute. Bring along a trash bag so you could easily dispose your wastes. Do not litter.

9. Toilet paper

You will never know when your need will come knocking. So bring an ample supply of toilet paper to answer your hygienic needs.