You Are Your Biggest Hero

Small short phrases that hold beneath them powerful meanings are often referred to as sayings or quotes. They say a lot with only a few short words. They don’t always say the same thing to everyone, but that again is part of their power. They’re open to interpretation. They encourage people to think. They may have a somewhat obvious meaning, but if you dig deeper, they often have more to offer. Their also very non specific, in the sense that they can be applied to a lot of different situations. Where do you find a real life hero?

I read it in the locker room of my local health club. It’s obviously meant in that context as a motivator. Something to encourage you and inspire you as you do your 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical trainer. That works for me, at least for the first few minutes. But if you think about it a bit longer, I think you’ll find plenty of mental fodder, to get you through your entire workout.

Being the hero of your own life to me means several things. One of those things is that you are ultimately responsible for all your actions. There is no reason to blame anyone else for your problems, faults, mistakes, and short comings. Not your parents, not your friends, not your co-workers, not your family, and not even your enemies. You, and only you should take blame and credit for where your are today. You made each and every decision in your life that put you where you are today. If you like where you are, congratulations! If you don’t, then you need to make some more decisions to get you where you want to me. Don’t leave things to fate, unless your happy having no control over your life.

But, being the hero of your life means more. Especially the use of the word hero. That’s a pretty big word. I think super hero, when I hear that word. They just go together. Having a super hero in your life, is different than having a husband, wife, brother, sister, cousin, mother, father, or best friend. A hero is larger than life, and they often have a profound influence on you and your well being. I’ve been fortunate in my life to have a few heroes as I’ve grown. Some real, and some imaginary (that’s another story). They’ve all played an pivotal role in shaping me into who I am. But, to imagine yourself as your own hero, is an incredibly empowering feeling. If you believe it. Not just read it, or say it, but believe it. It’s not that far of a stretch, especially if you have the slightest bit ego within. You can shape your own life in incredibly positive ways.

Being your own hero, means you have the ability to save yourself from anything. From any situation. From anyone. From any place. If you need rescuing, you have within yourself the power to make it better. If you want a better job, you have the wherewithal to make it happen. If you need to get out of a bad relationship, you have the strength to see that those changes take place. If your weak, you know where to find strength. Even if your deathly ill, you have the resolve of spirit to see the larger picture, and feel secure in your spiritual well being. These are all skills we’ve learned in living through the years. Human beings are remarkably resilient creatures. The will to survive is strong, and we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without it. Sometimes we forget though. We need reminders. Our lives can get tough, confusing, and frustrating . . . we forget. That’s part of the beauty of a little phrase like “You are the hero of your life”. It quickly reminds us, of who we are, and what we are truly capable of.