Health is Wealth

Want to be a millionaire? Start with your health! Remember the old saying? Health is indeed wealth. Here are some simple guidelines for you to be richer(health-wise):

Planning- Be ready with your pen and paper. Your aims must be listed down. Identify the ways by which you can achieve your aims. Work on your goal. Have the motivation all the throughout the course. Doing so will help you avoid throwing out your list in the trash bin.

Responsibility-Start working! Make yourself accountable for actions you prepare.

Avoid diets – Putting yourself into diets” will only lead to depriving yourself of the usual food intake. Being on popular diets will not give you total satisfaction. It is very impractical. Instead of putting yourself on a diet, why not start eating the right food? You can lose weight just by cutting down your sugar intake by substituting it with high-fiber foods such as vegetables.

Eat the right food- Consult your nutritionist for the right food that will match your body type.

Exercise- You should do proper exercise. It will help you maintain your healthy body. Exercise will also help you to cope with stress,. Regular exercises will also help you have good posture and strong resistance. Seek the advice of a professional so you’ll know what routines you should take.

Good sleep- Reward yourself 6-8 hours of sleep. Depriving yourself of good sleep will weaken your immune system. You will be prone to sickness and high level of stress. It would also be good to give yourself a little relaxation before having that much needed sleep.

Good digestion- Maintaining a good digestive system is very important. You cannot benefit from your food intake if your digestive organs are not functioning well. Imagine how the liver flushes toxins from your body without good digestion. Digestive system gives major impact to your health. Help your digestive organs by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily.

Avoid stress -Check your lifestyle. Examine what areas cause you stress. Work on these areas. Look into possible solutions. Stay out of things that give you stress. Self control is the best way to manage your stress.

Healthy relationships- Studies show that healthy relationships are key factors of a happy life. Open your communication lines. Doing good things to people around you will give you happiness and satisfaction in life. As much as possible, add something light to your relationship as this will perk up your endorphins.

Produce results and determination- Health cannot be achieved without action. Accomplishment scan be obtained by determination. Start working on your guidelines consistently. Be ready with the result as your wealth will appear on your very eyes.

The Twelve Commandments of a Healthy Life

Every new year, we tend to look and aim for better life. Plans are being laid out mentally or physically. Good ideas prop up. Over time, concentration and keen commitment are vanished. Thus, leaving such ideas and plans as mere sketches and blueprints that were never enacted.

If you are aiming for a stress reduced and healthy life, try these 12 beneficial tips below:

Exercise- It doesn’t need to be costly, you can try walking around the neighborhood. You can get fresh air that will improve your respiratory system and make your locomotors active. Twenty to thirty minutes of walking would be enough for the day.

Food- Pay attention to your intake. Choose good food. Veggies are good sources of fiber and vitamins. Try to minimize your red meat intake. Opt for beans and legumes as meat substitutes. It would be nice if you practice one meatless day a week. It would also be beneficial if you have two or three servings of fish a week. Lessen your sugar intake. Choose different spices in lieu of salt. Show the world that healthy people are happy eaters.

Water- It is a must to have enough water in our body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily will aid our body to maintain healthy skin, good resistance and regular bowel movement.

Dental Hygiene- You can enjoy your eating if you have well maintained teeth. To further help you in digestion, your teeth must be strong and cavity free. Remember that good digestion will enable you to get the nutrients that your body needs.

Connect with others- Do not isolate yourself. Be sociable. Join your favorite civic oriented group. It feels good doing something for others even through little ways. Share your blessings

Take a hobby- Give yourself time to unwind. Detach from your routines once in a while. Doing something new will help you release your stress.

Be Forgiving- Always look at the bright side of life. Forgive and forget.

Laugh- You need more muscles to frown than to laugh. Good laugh makes you feel lighter and younger. Laughing is also believed to attract positive energies.

Go outdoors- Having fun under the sun is a good way to release you tension. Equip yourself with those sun block and creams to avoid burning your skin.

Establish ties- Familiarize yourself with your environment. It is more relaxing if you know the place you are into.

Have goals- Setting goals will give direction to your life. A well managed life is the key to reaching your aspirations.

Rest- This is the most important reward we can give to ourselves. Sleep rejuvenate sour body and mind. A relax body and mind will lead us to right direction, good decision and healthy lifestyle.