Understand How Chiropractic Helps Sport Injuries In Pleasanton, CA

Many great athletes suffer from recurring sports injuries and require safe yet effective therapy to remain on top of their game. This type of injury is also commonly noted among those who engage in rigorous exercise technique. The Pleasanton chiropractor can advise on methods to address the pain and discomfort associated with trauma and acute damage.

Traumatic injuries including fractures and and tears will need to have a professional attend to the damage as soon as possible. The first step is to stop all engagement in activity to prevent additional damage to tissues. Forms of swelling, inflammation as well as bleeding should be addressed with the application of cold compresses including ice.

Repetitive strains are among the most common and can cause serious problems if not corrected. Tissues continuously exposed to trauma will sustain additional damages and can result in the development of chronic conditions. Suitable solutions will be advised to address the stiffness, discomfort and pain associated with such damage.

Misalignment of the spine can have debilitating effects on the nervous system. Where an examination of target regions has been implemented, the appropriate therapy can be advised upon. The professional will apply the necessary spinal adjustment technique to restore balance as well as alignment to this component.

Muscle strains and ligament tears can be extremely painful and require specific approaches for recovery. The occurrence of swelling can be alleviated with cold compresses preventing further tissue damage. Elements of physical therapy are incorporated with exercise and rest to prevent the formation of scar tissue in these regions.

The Pleasanton chiropractor can advise on the necessary steps to achieve a healthy outcome. Tailored methods will be suggested so that you may improve upon function and strengthen the tissues and muscles. Chiropractic therapy aims to provide safe techniques to restore balance to spinal, nervous, and muscular systems.

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Headache Types

The health-related classification of headache types is critical for right diagnosis and for the initiation of sufficient remedy.


You will find a number of types of migraines, even though there are overlapping diagnostic pointers. 17% of women and 6% of guys suffer from migraines. These head ache types come and go with out distinct signs in between the agonizing episodes. Discomfort on one or both sides of the head, sensitivity to light or sounds, nausea and vomiting.

It’s of great relevance to reply all the questions your MD asks as a way for headache category and diagnosis to be possible.

Acute pressure headache types

These types of head aches happen in approximately 50% of this population, nevertheless they have a very a lot less substantial effect on the sufferer, staying much simpler to handle. Tension head aches are induced mainly by the contraction of this neck and head muscles; the agony is bilateral and non-pulsating. Sometimes, individuals who suffer from migraine headaches have got signs related to stress headache types that makes diagnosis and hence, remedy, far more difficult.

Continual tension head aches

Chronic headaches appear practically every day, though patients usually have them for approximately fifteen days every month. Males seem to be more affected by these headache types compared to girls, and problems can show up in all age ranges. At times stiffness of your head is connected with the soreness, but migraine signs can be superimposed at the same time. Persistent headaches also impact individuals with a history of migraines, that overuse pain killers as a result turning into dependent on them. In reality, a lot of clients find out the pain killers worsen their ache only when they get to the health practitioner.

Cluster headaches

This really is one of this headache types which presents most issues to treat. The causes haven’t been entirely explained, despite the fact that common designs are frequently identified. Cluster headaches have a tendency to be far more recurrent in guys than in females, and they have mulittude amongst smokers. A higher intensity pain develops behind the eye, typically on one side of this head only. The head ache frequently starts at nighttime and it could come and go as much as 8 times, during every day.

Ice pick headache

These headaches are incredibly extreme. The agony is sharp and piercing, like a splash of lightening. Sometimes the agony comes and go throughout the day, with several attacks happening on a regular basis. It is of great value to look for help and figure out techniques to help keep the trouble below control, since ice pick headache types can be debilitating, interfering with the individual’s everyday routines.

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Cheap and Natural Sinus Headache Treatment Options

Many people today are impacted with headache caused by school stress or tension from work. However, a lot of them do not want to choose pain killers, as these sorts of medicines often come with adverse reactions, especially if used for an extended timeframe. On the other hand, some headache sufferers find these prescription drugs overpriced so they tend to overlook the situation rather than getting rid of it.

On the other hand, you need to know that there are organic headache cures that may be found at home. These cures do not come with adverse reactions and are low-cost when compared with painkillers and other prescription drugs for headache. Men and women suffering from headache problems should opt for these natural home remedies, rather than buying over-the-counter drugs for headache, especially if they are concerned of the side effects that it may bring them.

Headache is usually a debilitating issue if intense and this can hinder your day-to-day activities. The best thing that you can do against headache is to determine what causes it. For instance, in case your headache problem is a result of excessive stress, then you have to opt for relaxation techniques to get rid of stress and reduce headache. Nevertheless, in case the pain is intolerable and unnatural, it would be best to confer with your physician for proper diagnosis.

If your headache issue is related to sinus infection, there are sinus cures available for you as well. Take note that you do not need to consume antibiotics, especially if the infection is not severe. A few of the natural sinus headache treatment options you could pick are the following:

* Among the most efficient remedies against sinus headache is inhalation of steam. Simply boil water, pour it in a basin and inhale the vapor from it. This will help alleviate the pressure inside the sinuses that might be causing sinus headache.

* Another efficient remedy against headache as a result of sinus infection is nasal irrigation. By using a neti pot along with saline solution, pour a generous amount thru one of your nostril and allow the saline solution to clean out the blockage in the nasal airways. This will help reduce the congestion but make sure you do this for both nostrils.

* Using an air humidifier can also be advantageous against sinus infections. A humidifier can help avoid dry air by maintaining the air inside the room humid, therefore avoiding the illness from worsening.

* Be sure that you are consuming a diet regime that is rich in vitamin C. Be aware that vitamin C can boost the body’s immune system, thereby shielding it from various types of infections.

* If there is severe sinus infections, your physician might prescribe an antibiotic course following a assessment.

If you are unable to bear the pain caused by headache, it would be essential to speak to your physician for proper clinical diagnosis and to identify the actual cause of your headache attacks. A diagnosis can help eliminate severe disorders like pituitary tumors or another brain issues. Since it was already mentioned, if you are interested in knowing more about pituitary tumor symptoms and treatment methods, seek the assistance of your physician for more details.

Persistent headache can affect your everyday activity for that reason it is suggested to learn about the various headache cures. For specific issues that cause headache, such as migraine, there are specific migraine cures available for you as well.

Chiropractic Vs. Amitriptyline for Tension Headache Relief

If you are suffering with headaches, you are not alone. Tension headaches are a serious problem in our stress-filled society, especially when it comes to being able to perform common daily tasks. Duke University performed a population study, which showed that “[daily] activities were limited by 38% of tension-type headache attacks” and that “89% of tension-type headache sufferers reported that their headaches had negatively affected their relationships with friends, colleagues, and family.”1

Understanding what causes these types of headaches may enable you to seek the appropriate care you need to get rid of the pain and get your life back. Tension headaches are called cervicogenic headaches in the medical community, which is just a fancy way of saying that they are caused by mechanical dysfunction in the neck. The neck is one of three sections of the spine, which is made up of a column of bones, called vertebrae. These bones form individual joints, which are made up of two bones with a shock-absorbing disc sandwiched between them. These bones allow passage of spinal nerves between them and, when healthy, protect these nerves from injury. The brain controls every function of the body and communicates with the body through the spinal cord and they are both protected by bones. The brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord is protected by the spinal column. So, the first place there can be interference between the communication of the brain with the rest of the body is where the nerves branching from the spinal cord exit the spine.

Injuries to the spine from events like whiplash from an auto accident, a slip and fall, or a sports injury, cause the joints to become stuck like suction cups. When this happens, the injured joints do not move normally. The joint surfaces and connective tissues then become damaged and cause an inflammatory response. This condition is commonly known as osteoarthritis. The swelling and chemical irritation that occurs can cause interference with normal nerve transmission. These nerves, if they are the ones controlling the muscles of the neck, will cause those muscle to become constantly tense, thus causing a tension headache. Remember, these nerves are very delicate. Dr. Chung Ha Suh, Ph.D and his colleagues at the Biomechanics Department of the University of Colorado in the 1970′s demonstrated that it only took 10 mm Hg. of pressure (the weight of a dime) on a spinal nerve to decrease transmission in that nerve by up to 50%. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that if we restore normal function to the injured joint, that will reduce the inflammation, relieve the pressure on the nerve, restore normal tone to the neck muscles, and relieve the tension headache.

Treatment options for tension headache sufferers are many and varied. We will review two popular approaches for safety and effectiveness: cervical manipulation and medication. In two controlled trials that Duke University reviewed, they found that cervical spinal manipulation, or what chiropractors call “adjustments”, resulted in “immediate improvement in headache severity…and [that] a course of manipulation treatments resulted in sustained improvement in headache frequency and severity.”2 In other words, consistent, repeated adjustments over a 6 week period resulted in fast-acting and lasting relief.

In another trial, the effects and safety of amitriptyline, a headache drug, was compared with the effects of cervical adjustments for the treatment of tension headache. They found that amitriptyline may have had a greater effect on the reduction of headaches than adjustments during the 6 week trial period, but that adverse effects were much more common with the group taking the drug than those receiving adjustments. 82% of the drug patients experienced adverse effects versus only a 4% incidence of adverse effects experienced in the cervical manipulation group.3 And here’s the kicker, after both treatments were stopped, the group taking the drug returned to the same headache frequency and level that they experienced before the trial, while the group that received adjustments sustained the improvements that they had maintained after the trial.4 It just goes to show what happens when the cause of the condition is treated versus just the symptoms.

In addition to the treatments discussed previously, the following video, will demonstrate a simple, self-help method for temporarily relieving your headache until you can receive professional care. Remember, there is no such thing as a “normal” headache. Headaches are “common”, never normal, which is why you should seek professional help to determine the cause of your headaches and have them treated appropriately.

All references are from the Duke University Evidence-based Practice Center/Center for Clinical Health Policy Research

Dr. Dana Williamson is an expert in the natural treatment of tension headaches at his Chiropractic Centers of Virginia offices since 2002. He is a member in good standing of the Virginia Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic Service- Can It Really Help You Revitalize Your Overall Health?

There are tons of reasons to employ a chiropractic service, mainly if you have troubles that are bothering you coming from a neuromuscular perspective. When you consider visiting a doctor a lot of people think that you should go take some form of medicines. But, there are conditions that chiropractors could help you on without you necessarily having to get some type of medication. This is true about a lot of problem areas of your body that could be due to sprains or stresses.

To illustrate, chronic headaches that is popping on and off could usually be the effect ofa misaligned neck. When your neck is not in good positioning it could result in a pinched nerve that triggers people to experience head pain both in the front of the forehead as well as the back of their heads. Occasionally, there is not only one basic solution to these types of conditions. Nevertheless, a chiropractor would begin a comprehensive review of your entire body and figure out the right answer to treat this condition.

What other conditions can chiropractic service treat? There are times whena nagging lower back pain will not vanish entirely or maybe some sort of discomfort goes down one’s leg. Pain Sensation that radiates down your leg often refers to sciatica pain. This painful sensation is due to the sciatic nerve which is pinched off by a misaligned section of your back. A chiropractor can examine these areas of the body and then discover where the imbalance resonates from. By searching for these misaligned discs and bones a chiropractor can identify the most beneficial course of action for you.

A misaligned spine causes a number of problems. There are patients who described pain that brings into a region that’s far away from the main problem. This sort of extending pain is known as referred pain. Referred pain can often be hard to identify so the chiropractor may require that the affected person have anx- ray or an MRI to better uncover the source of the condition.

The ideal chiropractic service may be accomplished when the person and the doctor work in conjunction with one another. The chiropractor will ask a number of queries and examine your mobility and your flexibility. This way, the worka chiropractor does is very complete and permits a better diagnosis of the predicament. Take into account that the chiropractor is only able to achieve much. In that respect the individual is required to follow the chiropractor’s recommendations to be able to optimize their recuperation.

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What To Do About Your Headaches

Everybody gets headaches. It’s just a symptom of living with our frantic day-to-day lifestyle. The larger question is, how do you deal with headaches? Pain relief is the biggest goal when it comes to managing a headache. Pain distracts you and prevents you from doing what you need to do to get through the day. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of headaches, and some prefered approaches to alleviating and eliminating the pain that comes with them.  Headache remedies.

Just your regular everyday generic headache, is often referred to in the medical arena as a tension headache. Mild ones are generally not that debilitating. But severe ones can be extremely uncomfortable and distracting. Fortunately, these are often easily treated by over-the-counter medications. Medication is not the only approach to alleviating this kind of discomfort the sometimes physical activity such as exercise, or even relaxing through the use of meditation can remove the milder forms of this type of heavy.

Migraine headaches is one we’ve all heard of. If you’re one of the unfortunate that has to do with these, you know how difficult it can be. For some it means spending time in bed until symptoms pass. Migraines can be excruciatingly painful and last for several days at a time. For some people it can simply be a sensitivity to excessive sounds and brightness. Generally speaking, over-the-counter prescriptions will not work well here. Prescription medications prescribed by your personal doctor are one possible solution. Prevention strategies often work well with migraines as well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good diet plan including adequate sleep and avoidance of stressful situations when possible, can alleviate the frequency of migraine headaches.

Sinus headaches are another very painful variety of headache. Their occurrence can be the result of a number of triggers. Seasonal changes can often cause sinus headaches to occur. Going from spring to somewhere or summer to fall for instance can see again this type of headache.

Sometimes, the best way to treat headaches is to learn what the triggers are. And whenever possible, to avoid them. Personally speaking, I know that spending too much time in front of a computer monitor is sure to cause headaches for me. Even taking over-the-counter medication, rarely alleviates these headaches. What’s generally required is to simply walk away from the monitor. At least for a few hours.

In general, avoiding things like caffeine, alcohol, stress, and excessive noise can prevent the onset of many types of headaches. The key for each person, is to recognize which of those things they are particularly susceptible to. As with all things related to personal health, consultation with the family doctor is often your best bet. They know and understand your medical history better than anyone. As a result they’re the best equipped to offer your permanent and lasting solutions.