Attractive Playing Cards As Wedding Favors

Wedding planning would almost always involve the creation of wedding invitations and wedding cards. However, one can decided to add some fun twists for that day by making playing card wedding favors. In fact, they won’t be limited for use as wedding invitations. They aren’t only purposefully meant to be to make it more fun, either. You can actually use these playing cards as a token for that memorable day. Even better, they can also be used as playing cards for card games in the future by those who receive them. The wedding should be fully embodied on these cards. The date of the wedding would be indicated, along with the names of the newlyweds and maybe a symbolic design or detail.

You should choose durable materials, whether you decide to print the cards or write them by hand. There are a number of these high quality print papers with designs that are appropriate for weddings in bookstores and school supplies stores. These are ideal if you plane to make printed playing card wedding favors. Handwritten cards have the advantage of providing more detailing and making the favors more personal. Making this card is fun and you can use different kinds of materials, from wood to fabrics to make the cards.

Next, you have to consider the color and the print that will be used. Here you can consider giving the cards a theme that slightly drifts away from, yet complimenting that of the wedding. Conversely, you can stick to the wedding theme to come up with the colors for the cards. You could either go for light colors or darker tones. Next, you will consider the size of the cards and the corresponding amount of print. Even the graphics that will be printed on the cards would also have to be noted. If the themes are light in color, you should use dark color in the prints. If the theme is dark colored, use light color in the printing.

You can also consider adding special graphic designs if you are looking to add more fun or make the guests feel more appreciated. You can as well add different favors in the cards and use the graphic designs to bring out what the favor is about. You could also go the cryptic way and use the prints, photos, and graphic designs to make the person or card holder think about what it means.

The sizes and shapes of the playing cards would also have to be considered. People who are expected to attend the wedding are also given gift bags nowadays. Wedding planners put in small presents and invitation cards to these gift bags. These gift bags could also have playing cards that fit into them. Still, it would be best if you simply place the playing card wedding favors on the tables. If there are settings and seating arrangements fixed prior, the attendants could simple take their cues from them as they usher in the guests.

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