Keep Your Loved Ones Safe This Holiday Season

It seems hard to believe in this day and age with so much fire prevention awareness, smoke detectors, and other safety items around the house, but there continues to be way to many residential fires every holiday season. Every Christmas, fires and the havoc they bring increase by over 50% during the holiday season. There really is no need for this, and it’s quite preventable with a little common sense. As you may have guessed, the biggest cause of all these fires are home Christmas trees, and festive holiday candles. How about a little holiday fire safety tips.

It’s pretty scary how quickly a dry Christmas tree can burst into flames and quickly engulfed a room with smoke and fire. A large majority of these fires can be prevented with a little careful tree maintenance. Simply keeping a tree well watered is one step. There are several other things to consider as well.

While it may seem obvious not the place to Christmas tree in front of the fireplace, you’d be surprised how many people still do. At the very least, if your tree is one of those near your fireplace it should never ever be left unattended, while the fireplace is in use. It’s not just fireplaces that are of concern here of course. Heat vents are also a major contributor in drying out Christmas trees.

While I’m all for getting into the Christmas spirit as soon as possible, the longer a tree is up the greater the chance it’s going to dry out. Another problem, is getting your tree too early. If you do set your tree up early, you really really, need to be vigilant about keeping a well watered. Keep a careful eye on the needles of the tree. These are the first warning sign of a tree that is beginning to dry out. If they’re hard and constantly falling off, either the tree either needs more water, or needs to be removed from the house.

Many cities offer recyclable areas for Christmas trees, but only last for a short period after Christmas. By taking advantage of these recyclable areas, you’re making a more environmental choice, as well as getting a potentially dry tree out of the house in a timely manner. Low energy use lights free trade are also not only environmental, but potentially fire saving as well. Low energy use LED lights are excellent in this regard.

Candles are great around Christmas, and can really help set the mood. But don’t let that mood engulfed your house in flames. Be extra vigilant of children around any candles you may be using. As well, make sure your candles are in safe candleholders. Meaning, candleholders that dissipate heat, and keep other flammable objects away from the flame.

If everyone followed the a few simple tips, it would be a much happier Christmas for everyone. We just need to be a little more vigilant.