Ever Considered Traveling To Europe?

It’s funny, the attitude some people have towards travel. They can’t seem to find any good reason to leave their own backyard. It’s a bit of a mystery to me. I rather enjoy being in different places, seeing different cultures, different sites, and meeting people with different views. Those with an aversion to travel aren’t necessarily xenophobic. I think, they’re just a little too settled in their own ways.  They should try some European travel packages.

I have to wonder though, if more people go out and saw the world, we’d all be a little more sympathetic to the plights of our global neighbors. I’m sure the world would be a better place. Unfortunately however, due to many reasons (sometimes financial), it’s just not feasible. But for those who do have the means, there are plenty of good reasons to travel to a continent like Europe for instance.

For me culture has to be one of the biggest reasons to go somewhere else. I’m the type who’s easily bored with my job, my career, and my lifestyle. So for me, being in a country that’s totally foreign to mine is invigorating. It’s like my senses become heightened, and I’m more aware of events, people, and things around me. It’s kind of like being a kid again. It can be a learning experience as well. We’ve all been brought up with certain beliefs and customs that we often never question. Being exposed to other people and their views, can change that, and broaden your thinking. Assuming of course, that you’re open to that kind of thing.

Another big benefit for me was traveling, is a sense of adventure. With a little bit of danger thrown in. Strange surroundings and all, make me more acutely aware of my environment. It’s a great feeling. In my mind, there’s nothing better to defeat the feeling of being in a rut, or of a dull life. Europe’s a great place for this kind of adventure. While you may sense a slight feeling of danger being in a strange place, there’s really nothing to fear. Contrary to what some North Americans may believe, Europe is actually very civilized, in an old world sort of way. Of course, they probably say the same about us :-)

Traveling to Europe can also be an incredibly relaxing vacation as well. It’s not just Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean that has beautiful beaches. Southern Spain or France for that matter also have some great sandy spots.

While it’s great to go away, it’s always nice to come home. There’s no doubt living in the Western world, we enjoy many advantages that are unknown to Europeans, or the rest of the world. When we come home, we may be a little more worldly, and a little more humble. What I’m trying to say here is, going away may actually instill in us an appreciation for the gifts we already have.