What’s The Top Rated Canon Digital Camera?

Given the popularity of digital cameras these days, and the popularity of Canon cameras, you’d think I would have a lot of readers interested in the answer to that question.  Well, your right there are.  I’ve been writing about the top rated digital cameras for a long time, and Canon consistently seems to land in the top ten lists of just about every digital camera reviewer on the planet.  And with good reason.  First of all, they do their homework, and understand what customers want.  Secondly, they produce such a wide range of models, that it’s pretty much impossible not to find a Canon camera that will fill your needs.  Thirdly, they make a reliable quality product that’s easy to use.  Let’s elaborate a little more on those points shall we. Read more

The Best Compact Digital Camera You’ll Ever Own

Canon PowerShot SD870ISAnyone looking for a compact digital camera, probably has a lot of things on their mind. Especially, if it’s been a while since you last bought a camera. Particularly a digital camera. These little babies change so much lately, it’s hard to keep score. The fact is though, that digital cameras are getting to the point that it’s difficult to buy a bad one. Read more

10 Most Expensive Mistakes Camera Buyers Make

Have you ever made a major purchase and wondered secretly to yourself, “Did I just get scammed into spending more money then I should have?”.  We all have at one time or another.  The internet is erasing that feeling for thousands of consumers every day.  Are you one of them? Read more