The Patio Lights

Sitting on the patio during what will inevitably be one of the final days of summer your eyes dart around and you start to look forward to next year and at the same time wondering what will need doing in the garden and grounds. The patio has just completed its first year and a brilliant year at that but what about if there was a way to extend the summer outside. It is not unusual to get barmy nights during October in some parts of the country so what if we were to have some sort of lighting on the patio. Anything to extend summer and make the winter seem shorter would be very acceptable.

I am not sure why we never thought of it before but the presence of lights would surely add that finishing touch and give the area an extra presence. A quick visit through the internet showed just how many different lights and styles there were available. Lighting need not necessarily be placed on the patio itself but could be added around about thus creating a superb atmosphere in the back garden. The superb summer evenings we had been encountering could be even better next year. We had some homework to do before the spring.

Research showed us that patio lighting can provide a tremendous atmosphere in your garden and will obviously allow you to spend additional time in there at night and as stated already will help to illuminate the surrounding area. This in turn makes the area safer to be in at night.

Through the internet we learned that there are several places that lights can be placed on and around the patio. There is Deck lighting, Stage Lighting and Shadow lighting just to name a few.

Deck Lighting is excellent for highlighting the changes in elevation or the edges of the decking. This should create a dramatic effect and simultaneously add safety. The lighting can be placed under benches if you want to hide it away or attach ot to vertical posts.

Stage Lighting also known as step lighting will enable you and your visitors to walk their way from the house to the patio in safety and security.

Final of the three ideas is Shadow Lighting which is a way to highlight any sculptures or large plants you have in the garden near the patio by putting a light in front of the object in question and there will be a shadow cast on for example the wall of the house.

Whatever lighting you decide upon you must seek professional help where electricity is concerned unless you are fully competent. It is highly dangerous to DIY a job like this without professional input.

Rob Stone writes many articles on Home Improvement from Interior Bedroom Design to DIY Constructions such as building your own uPVC Conservatory.