Wanna Go For A Ride On My New / Old Cub Cadet?

Who knew, that a was a collection of fanatical Cub Cadet tractor enthusiasists?  Certainly not me.  It’s amazing what you can find from just surfing around the internet.  Anyway Cub Cadets were originally built back starting around 1961, by International Harvester.  IH, figured that there was a growing market for home owners and small business to have little mini tractors to run around, and do their landscaping, grass cutting, snow blowing, minor demolition, and construction.  They made some pretty durable little machines, that still to this day continue to run.  People use them on farms, homes, out in the country, and everywhere.  I suppose, it’s a handy little machine to have for plowing your driveway, cutting your half acre of lawn or using the auger attachment to dig some post holes for your new fence.  Of course, they can haul stuff around as well.  Cub Cadets are still made today, but as a seperate division of a company called MDK.  They’re sitll called Cub Cadets, probably because they have such a strong brand.  Most old Cub Cadet tractor owners don’t hold the new machines in the same esteem.  Apparently reliability is not the same, and a common complaint, is that there’s too much plastic in their construction.  Could be those owners are just trapped in the past, but who knows?