Lawnmower Blades For Your Cub Cadet

It’s kind of funny, how the more stuff you own, the more complicated your life gets, but people keep buying more and more stuff.  It’s silly really.  Take lawnmowers for instance.  I bought a new lawnmower about a year or so after I bought my home, back around 1992.  It wasn’t an expensive lawnmower, just one of those things that had to get added to my life to make it more complicated.  Well, I hate cutting the grass, or doing any most kind of yard maintenance for that matter.  So, as a result I had one of the most neglected lawnmowers in existence.  In 16 years, I never sharpened the blades, never changed a sparkplug, never changed an air filter, and only once attempted a oil change.  It usually burned up most of the oil it had, and I just kept adding more.  The thing finally died last year, only because the body finally rusted through so bad, that it could barely support the engine.  Some people would suggest, like on this Cub Cadet blade page, that blades need to be sharpened twice a year to keep your mower and lawn in good shape.  My lawn’s done pretty well over the past few years, as it seems to grow too fast in my estimation.