Gift Giving Practices

Gift giving is truly a custom that dates back all through hundreds of years of mankind’s history. It seems that individuals were giving gifts for special events like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays since dawn of humanity. During the earlier period, inimitable objects and other natural substances such as reeds and barks were given to the high people in the society like ethnic leaders. This custom is done to exhibit their allegiance not to mention the need to obtain favours. Up to this contemporary day, this remains to be the custom.

All through history, around the world, you will find multitudes of gift giving customs and traditions. As a matter of fact, as part of their very old traditions, ancient individuals give gifts to their Gods in sorts of valuable metals, jewellery, animal life and in some situations human lives. In Egypt, among probably the most grandiose gifts of their culture are the great pyramids and monuments of Pharaohs whom they valued as Gods.

In the earlier times in Roman empire, they provide presents to one another during the first day of the year and on special events like birthdays whereby small presents are given to the birthday celebrator. During the first day of year, it’s customary to offer sweet cakes because of the belief of making the upcoming year sweet, light bulbs to light the path in life and coins for prosperity.

Even in today’s contemporary world, we still put into custom gift giving for wide range of reasons. We give gifts to our family to indicate just how much we love them and that we remember their special ocassions in lives like birthdays, welcoming, holidays, farewells, to celebrate birth or merely because we wish to. Furthermore, we give presents for religious and cultural reasons such as Christmas and Easter. In the business world, it’s customary to give corporate gift. As a matter of fact, in the Merlion City it is pretty common to give Corporate Gift Singapore.

In a nutshell, we can say that gift giving is really a beautiful ancient tradition that we still do in spite of the fast paced world where we live nowadays. The thing is, a gift does not have to become a tangible item or an expensive material thing – it could also be something unseen, something simple. It can actually be in the form of a warm smile or a couple of kind words. What is important is it comes from the heart.

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Crystal Corporate Gifts As A Means Of Advertising

It can be very difficult to find fine-looking and memorable corporate gifts. Many corporate gifts are just rubbish, especially the less expensive ones. However, there is a class of gift that is always appreciated and can be thought of as useful too.

Have you always presented a calendar or a letter opener? Or a key ring, just like every other firm does? Or a bottle of wine that is forgotten the day after it was opened? Well, there is hope yet. What about glass crystal? Everybody loves lead crystal, do they not?

Lead crystal items really are the bees’ knees of gifts, corporate gifts or not. People always need ashtrays, paper weights, and pen holders and made of lead crystal they look expensive and stylish adding to the image of your business.

Lead crystal goods are available in many kinds. They make fruit bowls, vases, glasses, paper weights, pen trays, ashtrays, picture frames and carriage clocks along with a dozen other items. When selecting a lead crystal corporate gift, you might like to bear the following things in mind:

If you are giving these corporate gifts to your staff, you may like to differentiate between your employees or give everyone the same gift. You can distinguish on grounds of sex, length of service, marital status or input to the business’s profits. There again, you may know the longest serving personnel very well and want to get them something that will suit them personally. You can do this in terms of cost or style or both.

For example, office staff might like a lead crystal paperweight, pen-holder or picture frame. Blue collar workers may rather a lead crystal vase or bowl. Single people might play golf or sail and like an item etched with a golfing or sailing motif. Married people might love a picture frame or a vase. Long-serving personnel or high-earners might appreciate a carriage clock.

Cost is obviously an important issue, but usually corporate gifts are tax-deducible and glass crystal items vary greatly in price depending on the manufacturer. For example, you can get a nice lead crystal goblet set for $15, but if you want to give Waterford lead crystal, you can expect to pay three times as much.

Are you presenting these corporate gifts to clients or / and prospective clients? In this case, you will have to have them engraved with your firm’s contact details. You will also want the corporate gift to remain in the client’s office, so it should be office orientated, not home orientated. Something like a heavy paperweight shaped like a rock or a desk tidy fashioned like a boat.

This is the best kind of promotion after word-of-mouth and sign-written vehicles and should be taken seriously by any company that must have clients. Giving a well-thought of gift like lead crystal is a way of enhancing your reputation and that of the beneficiary.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that corporate gifts in lead crystal are valuable and need to be handled with care, so if you are having them inscribed, which you have to do, then you will need to know how long it will take to get your consignment done and delivered.

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Need Some Good Ideas For A Company Gift?

Every company has some kind of budget set aside for gifts. Gifts are often given to both employees, executives, and customers that are important to your company’s business. The decisions made regarding what gifts to buy and whom should receive them, can often be a tricky road to navigate. The right gifts for the right people can have a very positive effect on both your employee base and your customer base.

Buying for employees can be especially tricky. At it’s worst, it like dealing with a group of small children. Excessive favoritism or neglect can easily become negative fodder for the water cooler discussion crowd. If in doubt, it’s generally best to just evenly divided gifts amongst everyone. Unless of course, there’s a clear and well-defined performance driven basis for the giftgiving, that everyone is well aware of. Try choosing gifts that are useful and meaningful to your employees. Nic-nacs or other useless items, are really just a waste of your budget. As well, try and stay away from items specific to gender, size or other hard to fit attributes.

If your company is small, and everyone knows everyone fairly well, it may be possible to pick gifts based on specific tastes preference and hobbies. This will of course require more work, but certainly has a much more personal touch. It’s important to treat everyone fairly in this exercise.

Presenting gifts in a public forum, or at least with public notice can be nice as well. Acknowledging an employee, and their importance to the company is good for both the employee, and the company. This is especially true with performance-based giftgiving. Try and stay away from the usual run-of-the-mill plaques and trophies. While it may be nice to have something to hang on the company wall, it’s not really much of a perk for the employee.

While were in the process of giving gifts, let’s not forget about executives and our most loyal customers. While executive gift giving can be tricky, it’s just as important as giving gifts to other employees. Executive gifts, should really focus on recognition and performance. It’s more about that than the actual monetary value of the gift. Customers however are different again. When it comes to customers, the monetary value of the gift really does matter. You’re bigger more value, more lucrative customers should obviously received the most expensive gifts.

Giving gifts can be a tricky process depending on who the recipient is, it’s one that every company should go through. Recognition of performance, and major milestones within the company’s teams and employees is all part of building a successful company. One that should not be neglected, and one that can really generate a lot of good morale, for very little expense.