Monthly Contacts Vs Continuous Wear Contact Lenses

People who are far or near sighted need the aid of spectacles in order to have perfect vision. Although glasses are here to help us, wearing them can also pose a hindrance to our daily lives. For some people, wearing glasses meddles with their fashion statements.

The above-mentioned situations eventually led way to the production of contact lenses. People who are suffering with vision deficiency now have the option to look fabulous. However, they are still poised to decide on whether to use monthly contacts or continuous wear contact lenses. If you are one of them, try reading this article till the end. This might help you in deciding which is better for your needs.

Understanding contact lenses

Monthly and continuous wear contact lenses are categorized as extended wear contacts. They are so-called because they are both designed to last more than the usual lenses that needs to be replaced daily, weekly or bi-monthly.

Whether it is monthly or continuous wear contact lenses, people should still know if they can use this kind of contact lenses. There are conditions wherein one is not permitted to use these visual aids.

Deciding on which

Monthly contact lenses can be worn for 30 days. However, people using this kind of lenses must take them out at night and soak them in a specialized solution. Continuous wear contact lenses, on the other hand, also lasts for 30 days. The only difference is that they do not need soaking and taking off at night.

People cannot just opt to use continuous wear contact lenses. They must first consult with their ophthalmologist. It is because there are people who have sensitive eyes. Those are usually the ones that cannot stand the abrasion that continuous wear contacts give. Patients with dry eyes are also not advised to wear contact lenses.

With these conditions in mind, ophthalmologists usually suggest that patients consider different types of contact lenses. This would help them ascertain the type of contact lens that is most compatible for their patient.

Whether you choose to wear monthly or continuous wear contact lens, you still have to remember one important thing—responsibility. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. So it is a definite must that you take care of them. Never do things that could irritate your eyes while you’re wearing your contacts. Always follow your doctor’s prescription and guidelines in maintain and taking care of your contact lenses.