Need Some Good Ideas For A Company Gift?

Every company has some kind of budget set aside for gifts. Gifts are often given to both employees, executives, and customers that are important to your company’s business. The decisions made regarding what gifts to buy and whom should receive them, can often be a tricky road to navigate. The right gifts for the right people can have a very positive effect on both your employee base and your customer base.

Buying for employees can be especially tricky. At it’s worst, it like dealing with a group of small children. Excessive favoritism or neglect can easily become negative fodder for the water cooler discussion crowd. If in doubt, it’s generally best to just evenly divided gifts amongst everyone. Unless of course, there’s a clear and well-defined performance driven basis for the giftgiving, that everyone is well aware of. Try choosing gifts that are useful and meaningful to your employees. Nic-nacs or other useless items, are really just a waste of your budget. As well, try and stay away from items specific to gender, size or other hard to fit attributes.

If your company is small, and everyone knows everyone fairly well, it may be possible to pick gifts based on specific tastes preference and hobbies. This will of course require more work, but certainly has a much more personal touch. It’s important to treat everyone fairly in this exercise.

Presenting gifts in a public forum, or at least with public notice can be nice as well. Acknowledging an employee, and their importance to the company is good for both the employee, and the company. This is especially true with performance-based giftgiving. Try and stay away from the usual run-of-the-mill plaques and trophies. While it may be nice to have something to hang on the company wall, it’s not really much of a perk for the employee.

While were in the process of giving gifts, let’s not forget about executives and our most loyal customers. While executive gift giving can be tricky, it’s just as important as giving gifts to other employees. Executive gifts, should really focus on recognition and performance. It’s more about that than the actual monetary value of the gift. Customers however are different again. When it comes to customers, the monetary value of the gift really does matter. You’re bigger more value, more lucrative customers should obviously received the most expensive gifts.

Giving gifts can be a tricky process depending on who the recipient is, it’s one that every company should go through. Recognition of performance, and major milestones within the company’s teams and employees is all part of building a successful company. One that should not be neglected, and one that can really generate a lot of good morale, for very little expense.