You Can Bulldoze Your Way Through Just About Anything

If you’ve got a lot of space full of junk, that needs to be cleared, than a bulldozer can be a pretty amazing tool.  Anything from clearing out the garage, to that teenagers room, to an old garbage dump can be improved with a bulldozer.  I was just kidding about the teenagers room, but sometimes it can be a tempting thought.  Bulldozers have a lot of practical applications, and they have the muscle to get the job done.  They’ve been around since about the 1920s, and have been used for everything from farming to warfare.  They are kind of like little tanks afterall.  I even read one story, about a guy with a heavily modified dozer that he basically transformed into a dozer/tank and then went on a rampage around town.  He leveled a number of buildings owned by people he had some bad business dealings with.  Pretty crazy.  I looked around a bit for where to buy a bulldozer, and was quite suprised, to find that even caterpillar dozers can be bought on eBay.  Is there anything, you can’t buy on that website?  Well, actually there is, but it’s kinda gross stuff, and no need for it to be discussed on a nice family friendly website like this one.