What’s The Top Rated Canon Digital Camera?

Given the popularity of digital cameras these days, and the popularity of Canon cameras, you’d think I would have a lot of readers interested in the answer to that question.  Well, your right there are.  I’ve been writing about the top rated digital cameras for a long time, and Canon consistently seems to land in the top ten lists of just about every digital camera reviewer on the planet.  And with good reason.  First of all, they do their homework, and understand what customers want.  Secondly, they produce such a wide range of models, that it’s pretty much impossible not to find a Canon camera that will fill your needs.  Thirdly, they make a reliable quality product that’s easy to use.  Let’s elaborate a little more on those points shall we. Read more

The Top 10 Digital Cameras Ripped Apart

The first thing anyone notices when they start looking for digital cameras, is the incredibly overwhelming number of cameras available.  As of this writing, Amazon lists around 2,500 cameras on their website.  Around 2,300 are point and shoot cameras, and the remaining 200 or so are digital SLR cameras.  That’s a truly staggering number of digital cameras to choose from.  Given that most consumers look for a point and shoot camera, eliminating the SLR’s from the list doesn’t really make things much easier.  Would you read an article with a headline that screamed “The Top 2300 Digital Cameras Of All Time!”?  Not likely.  Unless you’ve got way too much time on your hands.  If you do, you should quickly skim this article on only the top 10 digital cameras, and then scoot over to my house and cut the lawn.  It really needs it, and I hate doing it;)

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The Very Best Digital SLR Cameras

Now that you’ve had your fun with the simple point and shoot digital cameras, you’ve decided your ready for the big leagues. Time to up the anty, and get serious about your photography work. It’s time for an SLR camera. Anyone whose used a compact point and shoot, or ultra compact camera, is well aware of their limitations. They’re slow, image quality is restricted, and their basic zoom lens really doesn’t let you get the kind of photographs you want to be taking.

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Digital Cameras Best Buys And Other Specials

If your looking for great deal on digital cameras you’ve come to the right place. And, I don’t just mean this website. What I’m referring to is the internet in general. Shopping online for digital cameras, or any other product for that matter is one of smartest things any consumer can do these days. While the internet used to be primarily a comparison and information gathering tool, things have changed.

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What Are The Top Selling Digital Cameras?

If your looking to buy a new digital camera, but the last time you bought a camera, they used something called film your likely confused as hell. Anyone under 19 probably has no idea what I’m talking about, or even why that first sentence is funny. OK, maybe it wasn’t that funny, but I’m just a simple blogger, not George Carlin. Now I’ve probably lost the under 35 crowd, but . . . . oh never mind, lets talk cameras.

Can’t decide on a camera? . . . Personal Camera Finder

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What is the best digital camera to buy?

Seems like an honest enough question, but truthfully, it reveals more about the asker then they may realize. Read more