Really Good Reasons To Buy A Digital Camera Online

Ok, all you wafflers out there, this ones for you. In case you haven’t noticed, I run a little camera search tool on this site called the Personal Camera Finder. It’s goal is to help people find a camera that has all the features they want within their budget. One of the questions I ask my visitors is whether they would buy a camera online.

I know relatively few people in the real work that would order items online. So, I’ve always been of the notion, that people look for information on their future purchases online, but actually make the purchase in a bricks and mortar store at their local strip mall.

Now, assuming that people are telling the truth, I may have been somewhat misguided. I don’t have a large sample size at the moment, but the numbers go something like this. 44% say Yes . . . 34% say Not Sure . . . 14% say Maybe . . . 8% say No. Well, surprise surprise. It looks like like the majority of people say they will buy a digital camera online, a larger chunk 48% (Not Sure & Maybe) are conflicted, and only a small minority say no.

Interesting. Well in the spirit of saving the planet and promotion of a better way of life for all, I’m going to give you undecided masses some good reasons to buy a digital camera online. Read more