Really Fun Bowling Games

If your going to be stuck around the house all day, and the family is feeling bored, why not strike up a little game of bowling.  It’s a fun game, no matter how many stodgy old boring stereotypes have been applied to it.  Plus, you don’t have to leave the house to do it.  In the olden days, not everybody had a bowling alley in their house (unless you happen to be president of the United States), but today everybody with a computer and an internet connection, has a bowling game right in their own home.

If you happen to have a Nintento Wii, then you have an even better bowling game at home, but a computer will work fine as well.  For some of us, we have have a bowling game anywhere you go.  It doesn’t matter, if your at the bus stop, riding in the car, or waiting in line at McDonalds, you could be bowling.  There are plenty of fun bowling games for the mobile crowd.  Your iPhone, smartPhone, regular old cell-phone or MP3 player likely has the ability to play games.  And their are plenty of mobile games available.

Web based games can be fun to.  Often called flash games, there are probably hundreds of these that can play in the web browser of your choice.  They should all work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.  Some may require plugins, but as long as your at a reputable site, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Do be aware of viruses though.  If your a little unsure about the site your at, move on to the next.  There are plenty of flash bowling games around.

If you really get into the whole computer bowling game thing, then you should look into downloading some games to play.  While they take a little longer to setup, and you have to be more vigilant about what your downloading, they can be a whole lot more fun.  As good as browser based games can be, they’re still lagging begin the downloaded games, in terms of graphics, game play, and plain old fun.  These five fun bowling games allow for an hour of free game play each.  That’s five hours of free bowling, if you download and play each one.  That’s plenty of bowling goodness, even for the hardcore bowling fans in the crowd.  At least it’s more than enough for me.