Ultimate Tips On Attracting Women – Do This And You’re Set!

Projecting high social value is a fundamental tip to seducing women. Physical appearance, wealth, or power is what some may think is the prerequisite. Now it may give the other guys a slight edge, but it’s not required to creating attraction with women.

Instead, a woman needs to feel that you’re the type of guy who has it together. And there are various ways in determining this but one of them can be your body language.

In fact, more than half of the equation is about what you don’t say but rather with how you carry yourself. Thus, your movements should communicate that you’re in control.

One specific way to project an alpha male vibe is to own the space you occupy. The distance between your feet should be just enough for you to appear stable, but not too close that you look shy.

Also, never lean into another person’s space if you’re listening to them. It sends the subliminal message that you’re not confident.

One of the other tips on seducing women is not to project any nervous energy during a conversation. So, avoid any quick or jerky movements and don’t fidget with your hands.

Another aspect of attraction is looking after yourself. Remember that we’re not talking about being obsessed with perfection. The point is to pay attention to the important details because women will notice it whether they would like to or not.

Things like your clothes, hairstyle and hygiene are also non-verbal cues that tell women that you’re interested in meeting them. If you want to get more dates, you should be willing to invest time and energy to look your best.

Like I said, it’s not about resembling a celebrity but rather using what you’ve got. Hit the gym, see a dermatologist, a dentist and anything else you want to do to uncover the best version of yourself. Besides, you’re also doing this for your own benefit and not only for women’s approval.

If you’re clueless when it concerns style, ask a well-dressed male friend for help. He can walk you through the basics of choosing clothes that fit your physique and complement your assets.

Lastly, you should be happy with yourself and the life you lead. You can’t hope to have a stable and functional relationship without being a whole person first. For you to do that, your mindset should revolve around the belief that you’re a good enough person whether you happen to have a girlfriend at the moment or not.

So what I’m saying is that you can’t count on a woman to fill a void in your life. You need to get that sorted out before you even consider having a long term relationship with someone.

Which is why you should enrich different areas of your life. Work hard, play hard, and just commit to what interest you. With this you will naturally have the ability to maintain various social circles in your life.

This tip is powerful in attracting women. When you work on your life as a whole, you’ll eliminate unattractive behaviors like neediness and insecurity. You’ll be able to get women without even trying!

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Attracting Women The Most Obvious Way

Of all their senses, men are most aroused by their visual senses. More specifically, the sense of sight. Women however tend to favor the other four senses in a more balanced approach when it comes to attraction. To be more specific and in no particular order, those senses would be smell, taste, sound and touch. Let’s look a little closer shall we and in some more detail as to how women use their senses around men and how men can use that information to attract more women.

When it comes to men, things are fairly simple, and women understand that. Men are very visually oriented. It’s what they see, that gets them going. What a woman wears, what a woman reveals, how short a skirt is, or how low a neck line plunges. These are all things that men pick up on very quickly. It doesn’t take much, to make a mand turn their head in a woman’s direction.

The funny thing is though; women can be a lot more discriminating, in that they use far more of their senses to determine attraction. While visual attraction is important, it’s not necessarily the first thing they use. Most men make the mistake of assuming women sense attraction in the same way they do.

Think about appealing to the other senses of a woman, and not just what she sees at first glance. Women love a great voice. A strong, confident and commanding voice will get a girl’s attention quicker than flashy clothes. Listen to some of the popular radio and TV personalities speak. Specifically the male celebrities.

Women have a far keener sense of smell then men. You can use this to your advantage, but don’t overdo it. Choose a nice cologne, and use it sparingly. Remember, a woman sense of smell is stronger, and it won’t take as much for them to notice you. If you’re not sure what makes a nice cologne, then ask a few female friends. You may be surprised to find, but they all have an opinion on this.

While we all know women love chocolate, it’s important to spend time finding out what else they like to eat. Enjoying their favorite food in your company, is a sure way to create a strong bond between the two of you. While chocolates may seem a bit cliché, it’s for good reason. They really do work.

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And finally we get to the last sense to consider which is touch. Again, this is one you don’t want to overdo. Holding hands, brushing her arm, and caressing the small of her back are just a few ways to show a woman how you feel and make her feel good about being with you.

In summary, the key thing to remember, is that women sense attraction far differently than men do. If you want to attract women, you need to think like a woman. Or at least, understand how she thinks and then appeal to her senses.