Air Ambulances Don’t Exist Only In The Movies

There are many medical emergencies, where time is of the essence. At times like these seconds can make a difference. There are several strategies that the medical profession uses to cope with these life-threatening situations. One of those strategies involves an air ambulance. Initially air ambulances were only used to transport patients who are in rapid need of assistance to a waiting emergency team at a distant hospital.

While it may seem expensive to use an air ambulance, there are simply some areas that can’t be reached by road. It’s not always a question of speed, sometimes it’s a simple question of accessibility. Air ambulances have the same technology that you’ll find on regular ambulances. Stretchers, ventilators, defibrillators, and a host of other modern medical equipment.

As with many advances in our culture, it seems unfortunate to say, but the first air ambulances were used were used by the military. Way back as early as the Korean War, air ambulances were in use by the United States military. It made perfect sense for transporting wounded troops across hostile and inaccessible areas.

It’s not just a technological equipment on air ambulance that makes it special, but the crew as well. Take pilots for instance. Pilots flying in non emergency aircraft, must pass a less strict and demanding series of testing. The rest of the crew is often made up of paramedics, technicians and in certain situations nurses and even doctors.For the more severe emergencies in, even more specialist crew may be involved in the rescue and life-saving activities. It’s not unusual for surgical specialists and even anesthetists to be included in the flight crew of an air ambulance.

there are a multitude of organizations currently, it specialized in air ambulances. When someone for military purposes. Some of for government purposes. Some of them are charter type air ambulances. Some organizations support public funded for air ambulance services.

While you may hope, that you never need to ride in an air ambulance, it’s certainly reassuring to know that they exist in real life, and not just in the movies. For someone looking for an adventurous and rewarding career, ambulances service could certainly provide that. There’s something to be said for being able to rescue someone from a near impossible situation in remote locations and make a difference in their life.