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How To Get Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Posted on July 17, 2008
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There are numerous strategies for getting cheaper airline flights.  Things are getting tougher, what with fuel prices going crazy, and some smaller airlines still reeling from stiff competition.  That’s not to say you can’t find really cheap airline flights, it just means it’s going to take a bit more work and tenacity on your part.

Here’s a few suggestions though, that could help get you started:

Skip the travel sites, and always check the airlines websites first.  The airlines themselves are competing against the travel sites, and will often offer discounts that are only available from their websites.  It’s cheaper for the airlines, if they can sell tickets directly to you the customer, and quite often they pass on the savings.  Be sure to check all the airlines that fly out of your airport.  If your not sure who all the airlines, then check the airports website, or give them a call if you can’t find the site.

The other trick to consider, is to check all airports in your general area.  Meaning, take a look at airports that are within an hour or two drive from where you live.  You could save a bunch of money simply by driving an hour or so to a smaller airport.  Airlines may be trying to encourage travellers to use less congested flights by offering lower prices.  Not to mention, the more airports you have to consider, the more airlines you’ll be able to price shop with.

Another type of site to check out is oag.com.  They don’t try to sell you tickets, so they tend to be very nuetral in the information they give out.  You know, they aren’t offering flight tickets simply because they make a commission of each sale. The really good thing though, is they will tell you what airlines fly out of what airports, and when they fly.  They even maintain database information specific to airports worldwide.  Informatin like when airports open or close, and what time the first and last flights depart or arrive.

Be sure to check on the extras charges.  There could be extra charges you incur on your travel day, that could negate what seemed like a really cheap price for an airline ticket.  Things like extra baggage charges.  Some airlines charge for extra baggage, or oversized baggage.  Especially with fuel prices lately.  Airlines figure they can justify charging for the extra weight because of their fuel expenses.  Speaking of gas prices, the other thing to check for is fuel surcharges.  An additional surcharge to check for, is airport improvement taxes.  Often you get dinged with these just before walking through security.

With a little extra work, you can be sure to get the really cheap airline tickets you deserve.

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