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Bob Marley Sublime In Repose

Posted on July 16, 2008
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Now this has to be one of Bob Marleys more sublime posters.  Obviously a concert poster, and one where Bob feels totally relaxed, and into the groove.  Pointing to the crowd perhaps, or is that pointing to the heavens above.  Hard to say.  Maybe both.

I usually don’t like it when there’s are lyrics superimposed on top of an already gorgeous photograph.  But, in this case I don’t really mind it all that much.  Whoever picked out the lyrics did a fine job of matching them with the moment.  They really do seem to fit.  You can see a bigger shot of the poster (all of the posters here) if you click on it.  They are pretty mainstream as far as lyrics go, but there’s nothing wrong with that.  While his more obscure lyrics may appeal to the more snobbish Marley fans.  In my mind, just about everything that came out ob Bobs mouth has some deep meaning to it.  We all take what we need from the songs.

The real skill of a photographer comes through in his work, when he shows something we know is there in a subject, but for one reason or another just couldn’t find a way to express it.  It’s not just the art of the musician here, but the artistry of the photographer the makes this one of my favorite posters.  The two work in unison, like the music and the words.  A synergy of artistry that comes together in a symbiotic melding.  What we the observer get, is something greater then the simple sum of both could ever have been.  Lucky us.

What really comes through for me in this poster is the scale of the man.  While I was never lucky enough to meet Bob Marley, or even see him live in concert, what always struck me about him, was his sheer larger then life spirit.  There are some people in this world that just stand out from a crowd.  It’s a very indescribable quality, but one that is felt whenever your in the presence of a stronger spirit.  Bob always felt (excuse me while I steal a cliche here), larger then life.  You had to know, that when he walked into a room people noticed.  Not because of any grandiose grandstanding on his part, but simply because his aura was a personification that everyone felt.

While, I think this poster could have been better without the lyrics superimposed on it, it still works for me.  The spirit, love and rhythm are all still there.  Rhythm is something I haven’t talked about here, but would be remiss if I neglected it.  How can one speak to anything reggae related without mentioning rhythm.  Especially being a drummer myself.  Normally, one would associate rhythm with movement, there is really little to speak of here in this photograph.  It is though akin to a silent percussive style.  You know the band is jamming there, you know the crowd is akimbo in movement, and you know Bob Marley won’t be standing still for very much longer.

The picture has been taken, the moment is gone, but his spirit and rhythm still to this day pervade my very existence.

Bob Marley Wailing & Jamming

Posted on May 15, 2008
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If this one doesn’t getting your soul screaming for more, then you must already be dead. I lead a pretty good life, with few regrets, but if I had to come up with one, it would be never having seen Bob Marley perform live. This poster really articulates that for me more than any other. I believe, it was Jimmy Buffett, who said there are very few things he would stand out in the rain for, but one of them was to buy tickets to a Bob Marley concert. Jimmy, I think we all would today if we had the chance.

If there was ever a need for a prophet / messiah / man-of-peace in the world today would be that day. I like to think, that Bob would fill the bill pretty nicely. Although, to be honest, I think he’d be a little pissed with the state of things. But hey I digress, lets talk about the poster.

You can tell in this photo, that Bob’s knocking one out of the park with this number. From the sweat on his chest, to those trademark flying dreads, the passion is relentless. Man I wish I could have seen this show live! The expression on his face is priceless. Doesn’t it make you wonder what song he’s singing. I do. Although, just pick one . . . they all work for me.

Although, better than guessing the song, what I’d really love to see, is the crowd in front of the poster. They must be just going insane. Especially the first few rows. An artist, even one as brilliant as Bob Marley doesn’t generate energy all alone. They draw energy from the souls around them. It feeds them, drives them, and grinds itself out through the music. Every note, guitar riff, and drum fill, is permeated with the energy of the crown. It’s a frantic mix of blood, sweat, energy and desire all from the crowd, channeled through the band, and into the persona of Bob Marley. Man, that must be an unbelievable feeling. Pure, raw love and energy.

As much as the man still lives on through his music, his art, his children and beautiful Bob Marley posters like this one . . . it’s still not the same as seeing him live. There’s something about the real thing that can never be duplicated through the recording of art in any multitude of forms. But for the fans of Mr. Marley, that’s all that we have. It will have to do. And for those who had the opportunity to see Bob Marley live in performance, be sure to pass that on to your friends, family, and anyone willing to listen.

One love and peace to all.

The Many Faces & Posters Of Bob Marley

Posted on May 15, 2008
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Well, here’s a cool Bob Marley poster. It’s a popular technique used these days to create one big image from hundreds or thousands of smaller images. It’s called mosaic art, or mosaic pictures, or mosaic posters. Depending on the final image I suppose. The art of mosaic is many hundreds of years old, but to use actual complete images, to form one bigger image is relatively new, and greatly aided through the use of computer programs. Kinds of takes the artist out of the equation.

If your a big Bob Marley fan (and who isn’t?) on a poster budget, then this is the one for you. How else can you decorate your walls with Bob Marley for the price of one piece of art. When really your putting hundreds of his images up at once. Not to mention the fun you can have playing Find Waldo with all the smaller images.

It’s not all just photographs though, there are CD shots in there as well. Not just the CD album cover shot, but actual shots of the CD’s he released. You can find out who’s really got the best eyes, by seeing who can read the most song titles from the smaller CD shots. It won’t be me, that’s for sure. My eyes are way too old to be that good.

Of course, most of the times you view this poster, you’ll be looking at it from a distance. In which case, everything just blends in nicely, and you see the calm, cool, master of reggae sporting his favorite vice, and just chilling with the vibe. He’s in his own little piece of paradise. It’s a exquisitely evocative poster when you think about it. All the images of Bob in one place. A visual synopsis of the peace maker, prophet, artist, musician, lover, rocker, and kind of reggae. All his incarnations in one beautiful poster.

“Roots, rock, reggae” Bob would say. And this image captures it all in one fell swoop. It’s undeniable. It’s an allegory for the days of one mans life. Bob Marleys life in this instance. Although, it’s not the picture I would have chosen for the main picture. I would have picked something that really personified his live a little more. While Bob Marley stood for a lot of things, it was his music that was always first and foremost. Being that I’m very partial to live concert posters, that’s what I would have chosen here. But, hey I’m not the artist here. Just the dreaming about what it would have been like to be one.

‘Scuse me while I end this post ;)

Bob Marley & The Three Spliffs

Posted on May 15, 2008
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That’s one helluva spliff dude! Bob had a sense of humor, I’ll give him that. Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone, given the talent that resonated from his soul. Too be such an artist and have no sense of humor, would be like having no soul. And, we all know Bob had as much and more soul then anyone. This is a terrific poster for a lot of reasons. We see so many concert photos of Bob Marley, it’s easy to forget the man behind the music. The shot, really brings that out in him.

While it’s no secret, that the magic herb was a big part of Bob Marleys religious beliefs, it’s another thing to be so openly brazen about it. More then 25 years after his passing, the status of this stuff is controversial in so many places. Bob obviously didn’t care back the, and if he were alive today, he still wouldn’t. That’s in may ways, what makes the poster so revealing. It says so much about Bob Marley.

What I really like about this artwork though is the facial expressions. Each one seems like he’s talking to me, or at the very least getting ready to say something. The first one is kind of like he’s mulling over something I said and those brilliant synapses are firing away in an attempt to come up with an appropriate response I can understand. The second and middle image shows the prophet speaking from the soul. It’s the most expressive of the three I think. What really amazes me about the shot, is how his eyes are almost totally closed for all of them, but the emotion still bleeds through. Usually it’s the eyes that say so much about a person, but in this case, the barely open slits say so much as well. The final image on the left is the funniest of the three. It’s like he’s saying “brother, what the hell are you talkin’ about”. Terrific shot. Terrific poster.

I wonder, what other shots were taken during this photo shoot. It’s not a candid poster, that’s for sure. It appears to be shoot by a professional, in a more formal setting. The end result, is anything but formal. Its outrageous, serious, melodically thoughtful, and like everything Bob Marley did . . . pure genius.

Capturing a brilliant Bob Marley poster, is no task for the uninitiated. Smoke swirls have long been a favorite for cinematographers everywhere. The old black and white classics are filled with a photographers fascination of swirling, diving, looping and hazy smoke images. This photo captures smoke, in all it’s beauty.

Ever play that game, where you try to find images in the clouds? That middle image smoke swirl is great for that. At the very top of the swirl, I can see a little troll like demon, with his mouth wide open, his tongue hanging out, arms hanging loose, and one skinny left leg showing. What do you see?

Bob Marley Dancing With His Dreads Poster

Posted on May 15, 2008
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Bob Marley Dancing DreadsThis poster of Bob Marley live in concert, has to be one of the most energizing music concert photos ever. As his dreadlocks dance like wild snakes in the air, one can just hear the words “everthings gonna be alright” rolling off his tongue over and over, wafting over the crowd as they sway in unison to the pulse. The rhythms mesmorize and hypnotize as photographers snap photos, people light up, and the energy intesifies.

I would have loved to have been there, to see Bob Marley in his prime. Alas, I never developed a taste for Reggae until my twenties, and by then Bob was long since passed away. Succumbed to a cancer that was allowed to persist in a musical genius that was truly an instrument of peace. Not only in his music, but his actions as well. How many musical stars these days are capable of bring the leaders of waring parties to the concert stage for a peaceful reunion as Bob did for his homeland of Jamaica in 1978 with Manley and Seaga.

The poster featured here has all the earmarks of a great concert poster. The beauty of the artist caught in a simple still photography, but still able to radiate the energy and passion of the music. Many live concert posters can seem forced and dull due to the nature of the work. But, a true blending of artistry between the photographer and the musician can result in beauty that will endure. This poster is just such an example of that synergy. It exemplifies everything, that a Bob Marley poster should.

I can listen to just about any Marley song, and picture him singing it in this photo . . . Could This Be Love, No Woman No Cry, Stir It Up, I Shot the Sheriff . . . they all work. Part of me, wonders which song he really was singing at the time this brilliant photo was snapped. But part of me hopes I never find out. It’s fun listening to his music, while looking at the poster, and imagine the whole scene. It easy really it is. Only, because it’s such a great shot. The music just radiates out of it.

A really great photo, should leave no doubt what the artist is feeling at the instant the shutter snaps. This poster falls into this category. Bob shows us an artist totally in the groove of the song. Living and emoting every word and phrase as if he was living it at that very moment. It’s one of those times when the music, the band, the artist and the crowd are just “in the moment”. As any great vibe should be.